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Game Better With Butterfinger x Extra Life 2024

Butterfinger is excited to team up again with Extra Life again during 2024! After having raised over $41,000 for Extra Life during the Game Day weekend in November 2023, we are excited to continue to help fund life-saving treatments and other healthcare services, along with research and equipment. 


With the launch of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH on February 29th, we will be partnering with a group of streamers to stream the new game while fundraising for Extra Life. As we work towards our fundraising goal for this year, a donation of at least $5 to Extra Life will score you a code for the Shrina Bangle Mk II in the new game. 

Additionally, tune into the streams of some of our great fundraising partners and you may have the opportunity to get something crispety crunchety sent your way. We promise, you won’t want to miss it!

What Do I get when I make at least a $5 donation to Extra Life? 

You get the Shinra Bangle Mk II DLC code with a $5 donation to Extra Life between 2/29/2024-3/8/2024, which is a premium bracelet with an engraving of the Shinra Company’s logo. This item is for playable characters to wear in the game to boost their stats. Please note that if you donated during Extra Life Game Day in November and redeemed that code in your Square Enix account, this code cannot be applied a second time.



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