Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Extra Life 2024


The SQUAD is back for year number 4, and we're hoping to make this the biggest, craziest, messiest, silliest, and MOST IMPACTFUL yet!  Is this the year we crack 10k?  With your help we can break records and help families in our community get the critical care that they need!  

Here's what's happening this year, but make sure to click on each individual member's page for their personal giveaways and incentives as well!  So many reasons to donate to change kid's health, change the future!

$1000 - Game Day Pie

Every $1000 each Squad member takes one pie to the face on game day.  How many pies is that?  The community will decide!!!

$2000 - Wheel of MISfortune

We bring back the wheel of DOOM which we spin when we get donations while live.  This leads to many silly costumes, ice cubes, yucky drinks, and PIES!

$3000 - Dunking Chair

It's like a hot seat, but it's cold.  Each Squad member picks a category for trivia and gets peppered with questions.  Every miss and they get water thrown at them!

$4000 - Food Challenge

Each Squad member will decide how they approach this.  Spicy Ramen challenge?  Most Sour Candy?  Throw random food in a blender and drink it?  Hopefully the stomachs are ready!

$5000 - SUS Slime Trivia

The community gets to answer trivia about their favorite SUS Squad members.  Everytime they get a question right, we will put their head in a bowl of gloopy!  Learn about us then mess us up!

$6000 - Game Day Mystery Buckets

You never know what will come out!  After the pie barrage, we will top off the poor Squad member with a sliming of something nasty!

$7000 - Fowl Cosplay and Game Night

The Squad will game together in their best goose and duck costumes while playing games about ducks and geese.  Should be egg-citing!

$8000 - Squad Minecraft Build

A 48 hour challenge with the Squad working together to build something in Minecraft.  We have experts and folks who have never played.  How will this play out?

$9000 - Community Appreciation Day

Giveaways, Cosplays, Community Games, Gloopings.......a celebration of YOU the community that supports us.   You will get to build a day where the Squad plays your favorites and does your favorite incentives, all while showering you with gifts!

$10000 - "Tar" and Feathering

This is the year of the birds!  If we finally break 10k we will coat the Squad in syrup and cover them in feathers.  Maybe we'll see a chicken dance out of Loopy!



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