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Extra life 2024

Over the past 6 years, The Adventurer Leagues Discord community, a server dedicated to running Adventurers Leagues D&D & homebrew D&D games, has raised over $25,000 for the Extra Life charity.  In 2024 we hope to continue this amazing generosity and have set a goal for $5,000 this year!  We hope you consider donating to help us reach our goal, and come join us to play some D&D!  Our Website: The Adventurer Leagues 

TavernCon 2024! Fri June 8th to Sun June 9th!

TavernCon is our annual online convention where we have a full weekend of D&D Adventurers League (AL) games, including AL EPIC games where you can have over 100 players working together to succeed on an EPIC adventure!

On February 2nd, 2018, The Adventurer Leagues opened it’s doors to people looking to play D&D & Adventurers League games.  We welcome them to our “Tavern” (general chat) in our Discord server where we got to know each other and play some D&D.  We asked players to join our Roll20 “Adventurer’s League Hall” where they would gather and create their characters at the “Detwenti Tavern”.  Players could then roleplay and get to know each other’s characters, and then take their characters off to play in adventures with each other.  What started with less than 10 people, is now a community of over 4,000+ members.

TavernCon  will be a celebration of the community that has grown and just like a fantasy tavern in the D&D world, has become an amazing place for people to get to know each other, experience people from all walks of life that have come from all over the world, and share stories of their adventures and life they’ve experienced.  Our community has grown strong, making friendships and shared incredible fun times with each other, as well as a place to turn to each other for hard times as well and share a virtual drink together.

Adventurers League Event Award - "Bottle of Dandelion Mead"

The Adventurers League admins have sent us this special official Event Reward item that can you can donate to get your copy of, and you can apply that item to any of your characters for any Adventurers League adventure that they play in (can only apply one Event Award to a character during an adventure)!  

This year's Event Award is a return of a favorite from the past, it's a really great item that allows you to get a quick bit of healing for up to 4 time a day!  

Re-Rolls, Incentives, & Raffle Giveaways!

To help encourage your donations, we have lots of awesome & unique items & prizes you can get with your donations!  Please be sure to donate using the correct incentive on this page and include your contact info in case you win an item!

*** You must donate for each item separately. ***  For example, donating $10 for 10 re-rolls cannot also count as an entry for the dice set, you would need to donate $10 for the re-rolls, and then $5.55 for the entry to win the dice.  All winners will be randomly chosen for each prize on 6/26/2023, and will be notified within 7 days with information on how to redeem their prize.

- "$1 Re-Rolls"

During any of the Adventurers League games during this event, for every $1 increment you donate for, you are able to re-roll any d20 based roll in the games (Attacks, Ability Checks, Saving Throws, etc).  So if you donate $5, you can re-roll 5 rolls, if you donate $20, you can re-roll 20 rolls, and so on!  These are EXTREMELY helpful, especially during the EPIC game.
(Please note: Re-Roll donations CANNOT be combined with other prizes/incentives and must be done separately.)

- Win AL Games Run For You & Friends!

Several of the Adventurer League discord DMs have graciously volunteered to donate their DMing skills and time to run special Adventurers League (AL) games for people who donate and win!  
- The DMs will work with you to run either a special mod of their choice (even some unreleased AL legal Authors Only content!), or a AL mod/adventure of the winner's choice, and work to schedule a time that works for everyone!
- When you donate, you donate for an entry to win that prize.  After TavernCon completes, the winner will be randomly drawn and contacted by the DM to coordinate their games.

→ Game DM'd by Tim @ttjiong for You & 4 Friends! (Schedule TBD after winners are announced)
- $10.01 - Entry to win: FR-DC-LIGA-01 run by @ttjiong for you + 4 friends!
- $10.02 - Entry to win: KGV-11 run by @ttjiong for you + 4 friends!
- $10.03 - Entry to win: KGV-13 run by @ttjiong for you + 4 friends!
- $14.14 - Entry to win: White Plume Mountain run by @ttjiong for you + 4 friends!

→ Game DM'd by @Reb_Far for You & 4 Friends! (Schedule TBD after winners are announced)
- $11.11 - Entry to win: Any T1 one-shot from TAL's library, run by @reb_far for you + 4 friends. 
- $12.22 - Entry to win: Any T2 one-shot from TAL's library, run by @reb_far for you + 4 friends.
- $13.33 - Entry to win: Any T3 one-shot from TAL's library, run by @reb_far for you + 4 friends.

→ Author Run Game DM'd by @aeryntine for You & 4 Friends! (Schedule TBD after winners are announced)
- $11.16 - Entry to win: Author-run session of T3 "A Game of Gnomes" by @aeryntine for you +4 friends.

→ Game DM'd by @alittlebitalexi for You & 4 Friends! (Schedule TBD after winners are announced)
- $13.37 - Entry to win: Any T4 adventure, run by @alittlebitalexi for you + 4 friends. Schedule TBD after winner is announced

- Win a 7pc. Metal Dice Set!

5 winners will win a set of cool metal D&D dice (set comes with 1xD4, 1xD6, 1xD8, 2xD10 (0-9 & 00-90), 1xD12, 1xD20), in your choice of a variety of awesome styles!

- Custom Character Art Commission by Aspen! (Only 3 Available - First Come First Claimed!)

@aspenforest732, one of the many talented artists on the Adventurer Leagues discord, has donated 3 specially discounted character commissions for a Rendered bust or flat full-body (no goblins or lizards) character art.  You can find more examples of their work here!  There are only 3 slots available, this is first come first serve!

- Get a Custom Discord Role on TAL!

Ever wanted your own custom role and color for your discord handle?  This is the *only* way to get it, by donating here on Extra Life.  You choose your Role Title, Role Color & Emoji (must be SFW).  Already have one? Why not get a second!  It's for the kids!

Where do I Watch?

We will have several streamers running streams on their individual Twitch channels, however all games will be hosted here:, so you can watch either their stream directly, or the main stream host all day long.  If you like a particular streamer, please follow/subscribe to their channel and help support each other as well!

How do You Participate?

- The biggest and best way to participate is by donating to the Extra Life charity by clicking that Donate button on this page. That helps us reach our goals and helps save sick kid's lives.

- Join our Discord serverwe’ll be announcing more details there.  Come join our “tavern”, say hello and  get to know our amazing community, and play some D&D.

Thank You All!

We hope you enjoy participating in Extra-Life 2020, and most importantly donate, even if it's just a couple dollars, it all goes to a great cause.

And of course thank you, you all have helped to make this a special community that we all are so happy to be a part of and it's all thanks to you guys.  So this stream is also a thank you to you all.  See ya this weekend!

Stream Link: 
Team Page:

The Adventurer Leagues Discord

is a group of players and DM’s looking to host and play D&D Adventurer’s League sessions, as well as other D&D campaigns and related chat and games.

To join in on the fun, please join us on the The Adventurer Leagues Discord server (Discord is a text & voice chat program/app). You will need to join the Discord server in order to message DMs and join games. All chat and Adventurer’s League games and info can be found there.

ALL games will be played using, which is a website that allows for online Dungeons & Dragons play. You will need a Roll20 account in order to participate and play the Adventurer Leagues games. For any questions or issues, please join us in the The Adventurer Leagues Discord server.

We need your help to reach our goal For The Kids!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. To make a safe and easy online donation to a member of our team, click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page.

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts!