Broadcasting Toolkit

Streaming your PUBG matches for Extra Life? We have a handy broadcasting kit so you can make the most out of your stream! The broadcasting kit includes setting up donation alerts, miracle stories, commercial breaks, overlays, profile buttons, and talking points! 


Media Kit

Creating your own materials? Whether you need logos, web banners, a ready-to-use flier, or the materials needed to make your own—the media kit will have everything you'll need. However, before using any of our brand assets, we kindly ask that you please follow the rules outlined below and in the Brand Guidelines document.

  • Remember that the Extra Life logo must never be altered or distorted.
  • When referring to Extra Life, please remember that we are Extra Life, not extralife or extra-life.
  • Do not place the Extra Life logo on anything you sell for profit or fundraising. You will need written approval or a license agreement with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals for special usage.
  • Please do not use Extra Life assets in any way that is harmful to our brand. Remember, we are part of a children's charity.