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ArenaNet Extra Life 2023

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Extra Life Game Day is just weeks away, and Team ArenaNet is participating for the seventh year in a row--as always, you're invited to join!

Team ArenaNet began participating in 2017, and with your help we have raised over $855,500 in donations for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since we began participating seven years ago. Let’s see how much we can add to that total together in 2023! 

Read on to see what we've got planned and how you can take part

Livestream Event Schedule (All Times Pacific):

Friday November 3:

  • 1-3 PM: Joe Kimmes, Pax (Gunnar), Chloe, Sam: Halloween and open world meta mix
  • 3-5 PM: Matthew Medina: Secrets of the Obscure story
  • 5-7 PM: Tracey West and Angela Lee: Raiding, followed by Jumping Puzzles and Adventures
  • 7-9 PM: Colin Johanson and Bobby Stein: Guild Wars Factions
  • 9-11 PM: Cal Cohen, Roy Marks, Ray Lukes: WvW
  • 11-11:59 PM: ArenaNet Partners Lightbringers Podcast

Saturday November 4

  • 12-2 AM: Cal Cohen, Roy Marks, Taylor Brooks: Guild Wars Nightfall
  • 2-5 AM: Guild Wars 2 dev “Essence of Luck”:  Meta events on EU worlds
  • 5-7 AM: Aaron Roxby: Open World events
  • 7-8 AM Robert, Kayla, Cole, Ian, and James: Fractals
  • 8-9 AM: ArenaNet Partner Rook: Open World gameplay
  • 9-11 AM: Casey Benson, Jen Hoffman, guests: Tiny Dungeon TTRPG one-shot, GW2-style
  • 11-11:59 AM: Rubi Bayer, guests: Secrets of the Obscure story



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