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Welcome to Team Kinda Funny!  This is Kinda Funny’s seventh year participating in Extra Life as a company, but more importantly, as a community of best friends.

Over the past 6 years, our community has helped raised a total of $592,004.25 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

2015, Year 1 - $54,745.34

2016, Year 2 - $83,024.95

2017, Year 3 - $92,208.61

2018, Year 4 - $88,529.11

2019, Year 5 - $112,250.91

2020, Year 6 - $161,245.34

Everyday, we hear your stories about how video games better your life; how they help you cope with stress and give you a place to escape the world around you.  Some of you have shared how video games have helped you through tough times, including times of serious illness.  We know how important gaming is to you, and we’re a part of Extra Life because it’s an opportunity for us, as a gaming community, and as a community of best friends, to make a real change in the lives of sick children.  Participating in Extra Life means raising money to support the work of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals all over North America, and even Canada.  This means helping to bring a higher level of wellness to children (and their families) who are struggling to overcome illness.  Every dollar we raise will go the CMN Hospitals to help these kids get the best medical treatment available.  Extra Life is our way to say “Thank You!” to the doctors, nurses, technicians and medical staff in these hospitals that are saving lives every single day while Kinda Funny gets to continue this dream of creating content for you.

Join Team Kinda Funny and help us hit a total of over $600,000 raised for those big beautiful kids!

Have questions/concerns/ideas?  Feel free to contact us over at Twitter:

Lauren Wilson - @BeeslyTweets

Fiona MacKinnon - @Zuraniix



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