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Team Meat Clerics

Welcome to the cherry wood smoked temple of the Meat Clerics. While not all of the team are healers in their own right, we share the goal of healing the kids of Atlanta, Georgia as part of the Extra Life charity event. We're joining gamers across the globe to play games (video games, board games, rpgs, card games, etc) to raise money to heal kids. Our game day is Saturday, November 2, 2019, and we're starting bright and early at 8:30am eastern daylight time so we can utilize a full 12 hours of helping kids!

You think that's early for you? We've gotta prep beforehand! Bring on the coffee, tea, eggs, and bacon! 

Our GMs will be running 3 one shot campaigns with 3 unique dice systems. 

  • Misty will be running 7th Sea, a sea faring adventure with daring young pirates and misfits in a fictional version of our own world. What kid hasn't dreamed of being a pirate? 
  • Brenna is taking her players back to their own, more familiar schoolyard days with Monsters and Other Childish Things, but oh so much cooler than you remember it! She is bringing your imaginary friends to life in...monstrous ways. 
  • Nate will take us to a time long ago in a galaxy far away with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. You may think you know the full story, but this adventure takes a new perspective on the smallest heroes, not dissimilar to the ones we're gaming to protect.

If you don't recognize the system being played, you'll get to learn it right alongside us. And let's sweeten the deal! Each donation of $15+ will allow you, the true champions of the day, to affect our games. Whether you get to help a player out when the dice don't go our way or drop a care package from the heavens, you get to be an unseen hand in our adventure all while relaxing at home and brightening the lives of kids in need.

Check out our rewards chart below to see how you can "play along" during our marathon. Every cent you donate goes directly to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, our local Children's Miracle Network hospital. Click the button above to take a stand for the kids! We can't wait for you to join us!

Meat the team! (See what we did there?)

Team Meat Clerics is comprised of a group of friends from various walks of life who have all bonded over the beauty that is meat. 

  • Our resident GM and Meat Wizard Nate cast a smokey veil of delicious peace upon the team, filling their senses with the arcane light of smoked chicken, pulled pork, brisket, and steak. He guides them through adventures behind the GM screen and polishes the technical aspects of AZAStudio.
  • Misty--loving wife, co-owner, and humble magical apprentice of the Patron of fabrics and photogs--started AZAStudio to bring more geeky harmony into people's lives. She is the humble tsunami that plots, plans, and provides entertainment for the viewers. As her abilities grew and she mutli-classed with technomancer, she was able to create the beautiful asthetic of the AZAStudio live stream that you get to enjoy.
  • Brenna is the team's Bardic inspiration as resident author, thespian, and schemer. She storms the walls of social networks with ballads and charm to ensure AZAStudio has the audience it deserves. Wherever else her party sends her, she goes happily, with the caveat that the Meat Wizard continue to pay her what she's due.
  • Rob slips in and out of the shadows of cyberspace and character building like a deadly rogue. If you can't spot him, he's already vanished to spy on the Twitch plains, the reddit forum quarries, and more to report back to the team. If you can spot him, it's too late; he's min-maxing his RPG character for ultimate devastation and GM regret.
We need your help!

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