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Extra Life 2019

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artists, ready your pens/styluses!
shrunkenheadman's speedrun 24 hour charity commission is back for round 2 march 2nd!

what is shm speedrun?

SHM Speedrun is a charity drive run by the club's own charity committee where for 24 hours members of the Shrunkenheadman Club will take commissions benefiting the Salinas Memorial Children's Hospital. During this time frame we will be streaming our artists as well as a number of activities that will be unlocked after we pass a certain amount of money.

Fund Goals:

(UNLOCKED) - $500 Jenga

(UNLOCKED) - $750 Pictionary

(UNLOCKED) - $1000 Chubby Bunny

(UNLOCKED) - $1500 Lighting Fast Figure Drawing

(UNLOCKED) - $2000 Bean Boozled Beans 

Stretch goals:

(UNLOCKED) - $2500 SHM Quiz

(UNLOCKED) - $3000 Bob Ross Painting with a Mouse

(UNLOCKED) - $3500 Spicy Ramen Challenge

(UNLOCKED) - $4000 Johnny ABG Makeover

(UNLOCKED) - $4500 Pick Jo's New Hair Color

(UNLOCKED) $5000 Pie Brandon and Chai

(UNLOCKED) $5500- Inga pies Jef Jackson at the next meeting

(UNLOCKED) $6000- Jef gets water ballooned

(UNLOCKED) - $6500- Dave Yee gets pied

(UNLOCKED) - $7000- Dance Tutorial with Sean Yeung

(UNLOCKED) - $7500-SHM Charity ASMR (video)

(UNLOCKED) $9000- Sophie dyes hair

(UNLOCKED) $10000- Painting with Inga

  • $11000 Mods Get Tattoos
  • $12,000-Ask John to draw anime

SO come on down and help us raise money for the kids!

Your donation is tax-deductible and making a donation is as easy as clicking the "Donate" button at the top of the page of the artist of your choice. 

Thank you so much for supporting us and don't forget to fire it up!!! 


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