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Extra Life 2017

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About the Team!

Control Alt Defeat is a small family and friend team that have approximately 135 years combined gaming experience. For our 3rd straight year we've been gaming for Connecticut Children's Medical Center. The 24 hour gaming marathon at the heart of Extra-Life is one of our proudest events of the year. We love games of all kinds and can't be more excited for the opportunity to play games in support of local kids at the hospital.

What Extra-Life Means to us!

You may be thinking, "A 24-hour video game marathon, that's easy..." While it's true that we don't need to physically train to complete this type of marathon, my team can assure you it does not mean it is easy to accomplish. The event is an enlightening experience in many ways.

My team is fortunate enough to be a group of healthy adults with the opportunities to enjoy games and our other daily activities. After playing games for 24 hours we are tired from the lack of sleep, our eyes are bloodshot, and we are mentally exhausted. To recover the team just gets a little extra sleep and we're good as new. This is an important realization, because many of the kids at Connecticut Children's Medical Center whom we play to support may not have this convenience. They have illnesses that cause chronic pain or are on medications that leave them too tired or weak to get out of bed. Our post marathon issues pale in comparison to what these kids go through. That's why Extra-Life is such a rewarding and humbling event for us.

Please think about this and click the donate button on any one of our pages to support the kids at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

Team Members

Bailey and Luke: The rescue hound mascots. Bailey is a veteran in her 3rd Extra-Life and Luke will be the rookie this year. Both enjoy cosplaying as the Duck Hunt Dog.

Tim "DeftNinja": The captain, a beer snob and PlayStation trophy hunter.

Lauren Elizabeth: DeftNinja's better half and Donkey Kong Country afficianado.

Matt "Siegewolf": Gaming sensei/tech support/horse mask wildcard.

Jo the Nose: Siegewolf's significant other. The artist and Megaman X specialist.

Tyler "Bullwinkle": The musician, expert bomb defusal partner, and top tier Monopoly banker.


Tune-in to our 24 hour live stream on starting November 4th @ 8AM through November 5th @ 8AM. Please give what you can for the kids and please share the link to our page on your social media.


Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.