No Goblin

Giant Bomb Extra Life 2017

shinyemptyhead $18.12 • July 22, 2017 Marathoning my way through the old streams in the background, and was caught by surprise hearing myself donate this much way back when in order to taunt you over the war of 1812. So consider yourself re-taunted.
Pauline Ragny $15.00 • June 14, 2017
Anonymous $1,000.00 • March 2, 2017 Since I don't know where Panzer is registered for the shower, and I can't send none-pizza. Sending the gift of fewer sick kids to you. May you never need to rely on this gift yourself in the years ahead.
Anonymous $4.20 • January 10, 2017 I have loved the streams you all have put on in the past in name of charity. Sorry I could not watch live this last year, but know that 100ft Robot golf, The Blue Stinger LP and watching Dan suffer at kinect games have brought me much joy. I hope to be able to spread the love and donate more in the future as soon as I am able. <3
No Goblin $25.00 • January 10, 2017


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