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Extra Life 2023


Donations are open until Dec 25th!

The fundraising stream and raffles may be over, but you can still net yourself a copy of this year’s Extra Life promo until December 25th. Chip in for one of the two remaining incentive levels and help a good cause!

Anonymous Donations

Extra Life may collect your name and address information (for both Anonymous and credited donations), but it does not share this information with us. 

We respect your modesty and privacy, but anonymous donations make it nearly impossible to get your incentives to you! Without a name or an email, we can't connect your donation to you.

We can only contact anonymous donors temporarily through Extra Life’s messaging system, and if donors don’t respond to that message, it becomes impossible to deliver incentives to them!

Please consider donating under some kind of name so that we can track what incentives are owed and to whom.

Donor names will not appear on our Extra Life fundraising page. We will not use your information for any reason other than delivering your incentives.

If you must donate anonymously, please be sure to include your address and name in your fulfillment note so that we can mail your incentives to you!

Important Note for EU and UK fans - Incentives not Guaranteed

Over the past couple of years, the EU and UK have both changed their VAT rules when it comes to goods ordered through the internet. These changes have coincided with a stricter and more expensive customs intake process, which unfortunately has caused a lot of our shipments to the EU and UK to fail, even if they are non-commercial shipments. Rejected replacement cards, 25 Euro charges levied for a customer to receive a token weighing just ten grams, and so on.

We can’t guarantee that EU and UK supporters will receive their incentives because of these issues. If this reverses your decision to support our Extra Life fundraiser, we understand.

How will we get stuff?

After the fundraiser is over, we’ll be using the address in your fulfillment note, or emailing you for your address so that we can get your prizes shipped out. Please use an email you check regularly - we promise we won’t spam you! Additionally, when filling out your fulfillment note, we strongly recommend separating portions of your address with a comma to make it easier to read (ie; ‘123 Example Street, Home Town, State, Zip Code, USA’). Please remember to include things like apartment numbers in your address!

Once again, please consider not donating anonymously, as this makes it nearly impossible for us to contact you and make sure you get your incentives. You will also not be able to prove you made a particular donation!

Remember; Extra Life may collect your name and address information (for both Anonymous and credited donations), but it does not share this information with us. If we reach out and don’t get a response from you, or if you haven’t filled out your fulfillment note, we won’t be able to mail out your incentives!

Everyone who participates should see their prizes in the mail about 2-3 weeks after the fundraiser, or after they respond to the address collection email. However, if this fundraiser goes gangbusters, we may need extra time to assemble the prizes!

Problems with a donation?

If you have any issues with receiving your incentives, or with your donation more generally, please reach out to us at !


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