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Extra Life 2023



In support of McLeod Children's Hospital, we'll be playing video games all day on Twitch on OCTOBER 28th, 2023, starting at noon Eastern. This year, we're playing Nintendo Wii, Wii U AND GameCube games! When you donate, please choose "Add a message" and include the name of a single* Nintendo Wii,Wii U or GameCube game (you can find a full list of available titles in the "Game List" link above). Donations without messages will go towards the roulette.

*If you have multiple games you'd like to donate towards, please do each of them as separate donations. This helps us immensely!

The game with the highest total is played for 30 minutes, then the total is dropped back to $0 and we move to the next highest game. If donations for a game climb back up, it's possible for it to be played a second or third time!

Instead of donating to a specific game, you can alternatively put your donation towards "roulette". Occasionally the roulette will activate and give its entire pool to any game with $25 or more in the list. If you like mayhem, this is the option for you!

A few quick rules:

  • Add a message - This is where you'll indicate the game (or "roulette") you'd like to see played. You can write other things here, too: your donation may be read on stream! (If you don't want your message read, just include a note at the top of the message.)
  • One game per donation - Want to donate $10 towards two games? Then please make two different $5 donations. This helps out Chaz immensely!
  • Choose a specific game - No "Stephen's Choice", "Mallory's Choice", etc. If you don't list a game, we'll put your donation towards the roulette.
  • Reading donations - While we try to read all donations on stream, we'll be prioritizing donations of larger amounts. Every donation is extremely important to us, and to the hospital! However, we want to spend the most time possible playing games. We also save donations to read later into the night, so if you don't hear your donation read right away, it may be read in the wee hours (when things start to get loopy)!
  • Avoid music games - Music games like Just Dance, Guitar Hero, etc are a copyright nightmare, both on Twitch and YouTube. We kindly ask that you choose one of the other 1,200 games in the Wii library. This ensures the event can be enjoyed in its entirety long after it ends!

Your cooperation helps this event go smoothly, so thank you!

The hashtag for social media is #GeorgExtraLife — if you're an artist, please tag your creations with this. You might see them appear on the stream throughout the day!

Who are you?

My name is Stephen Georg, I run a daily vlog and gameplay channel on YouTube. My wife, Mal, runs a painting channel on the platform. We also stream together on Twitch each week. We live in Raleigh, NC, with our cat, Kepler.

This is our 12th year of Extra Life! All 12 years have benefitted our hometown children's hospital, the McLeod Children's Hospital in Florence, SC. To date, we've raised over $550,000 for the hospital with your help! If you'd like to watch any of our past events, they're archived on YouTube right here.

We couldn't do this alone! Reading donations, updating information, and keeping everything running smoothly requires multiple people. Chaz, Jeff, Dan, Lindsey, Alex, Hayley, Brandon, Josh, and Thomas are all here to help make the event a huge success. And let's not forget about all our Twitch mods, too!

Crew & co suggestions!

Every year we get asked what we would like to play! While the choice is ultimately yours, here's some titles we know (or suspect) might be worth showing off during the event.

  • Stephen - Speed Zone, Pandora's Tower
  • Mal - Family Feud 2012, Party Pigs: Farmyard Games
  • Dan - Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii), Barbie and Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue (Wii U)
  • Lindsey - Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, I Spy Spooky Mansion
  • Chaz - Domino Rally, Baseball Blast
  • Jeff - Klonoa, Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll
  • Hayley - Metroid Prime Trilogy, PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure
  • Alex - Soulcalibur II, Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law
  • Brandon - Hello Kitty Kruisers, Wheel of Fortune (Wii)
  • Josh - Link's Crossbow Training, NintendoLand
  • Thomas - Mr. Bean's Wacky World, Soulcalibur II
  • Roland - Science Papa, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Thank you for all the years of fun, and I sincerely hope this year continues that tradition. See you on October 28th!