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Sensible Shoes Extra Life 2022

We're killing monsters in the Old West & Feudal Japan (and alien dimensions) for charity!

We'll be playing Shadows of Brimstone again this year, because it's our favorite game. According to BoardGameGeek, we have played it more than anyone else. Because we're special.

By Crom, this is our team's sixth year taking part in this.

Spending part of my birthday celebrations doing Extra Life has become a very happy tradition. Last year, Team Sensible Shoes raised over $2500, and had a sleep-deprived good time to boot. This year we're hoping to raise even more than that! 

Game Days are November 11 and November 12

Again, this year we won't be playing for 24-hours straight, because it's too hard on our decrepit aging bodies. There will be a sleep break in the middle of the madness, but we'll use the whole weekend to play games for the kids!

Assuming that the plague that stalks the land is kind, we'll actually be playing together in the same location again for the first time in three years! If the worst happens, Test Subjects The World & Not A Whale Biologist will be wrangling the physical bits in their Gametarium while My Lovely Assistant and I get to remote in. We've always been disembodied voices to you as you watch the action on the board, so it shouldn't be much different for you home. There will, of course be a stream for game day that we'll add as soon as we know it.

According to boardgamegeek's tracking we've played more sessions of this game than anyone other than the creators. Last year, we played completely random characters with random level progression. That was amusing, but this year I'm giving the choice to the brave soul(s) willing to pay to name my character and choose what class I'm playing. [CLAIMED!]

For even more fun on the game days, we're going to add these extra incentives you can donate to make our game easier, more challenging, or just throw some chaos at us. But you can view them now to see what you might like. And, yes, these can stack. You can make things veryinteresting indeed!

And of course we will be naming our towns and mines that we explore after you, our kind donors (those rights are on the main TEAM SENSIBLE SHOES page). We're trying to figure out a way to let you get all Hunger Games on us by paying to modify the challenges we may face. Because you could make our lives more difficult...for the kids!

So please, click that button to donate and join us for the shenanigans. We'll have the chat going and happy to answer questions! 

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