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  • Friday, October 25

    12 PM - 2 PM -- Jack Box Party Pack 6

    Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain, Michael Higham, and Mat Paget kickstart the stream with the roster of minigames included in the newest Jack Box Party Pack.

    2 PM - 4 PM -- Metal Gear Solid Challenge Run

    Tamoor Hussain, Jake Dekker, Ben Janca, and Matt Espineli take a nostalgic trip through the original Metal Gear Solid. Viewers can weaponize their donations to make the experience more difficult (and way more fun to watch).

    4 PM - 6 PM -- Lynel Hunting

    Max Blumenthal, Peter Brown, Evan Langer, and Rob Handlery participate in a competition to see who can hunt down the most Lynels in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    6 PM - 8 PM -- Monetize Miku

    Michael Higham and Ben Janca steal away Hime's girlfriend to host a Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future concert. Viewers can request songs by donating.

    8 PM - 12 AM -- The FFXIV Raid Block Party

    Michael Higham, Ben Janca, Matt Rorie, and Jan Ochoa embark on a 24-player Final Fantasy XIV raid with members of the GameSpot and Giant Bomb community. Afterward, viewers can donate $10 USD to enter into a Glamour Competition for the chance to win 1 million gil.

    Saturday, October 26

    12 AM - 3 AM -- Rock(et) Band

    Rob Handlery, Peter Brown, and Jordan Ramée dunk on fools in Rocket League. Viewers can donate to unlock the trio's true power: using musical instrument video game controllers to control their supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-car.

    3 AM - 5:30 AM -- Destiny 2 Dungeon Speed Running

    Destiny 2 veteran David Ahmadi leads novice Jordan Ramée and newbie Evan Langer through some of the loot shooter's dungeons. Viewers can donate to make the experience more difficult for the fireteam.

    5:30 AM - 8 AM -- Becoming A Legend

    Jordan Ramée, David Ahmadi, and Evan Langer jump into ranked Apex Legends to raise their respective rankings to Gold tier or higher. Viewers can donate to unlock penalties that will make that journey much more difficult.

    8 AM - 11 AM -- Competitive Sekiro

    Jake Dekker and Tamoor Hussain face off in competitive Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, with points allocated for killing enemies and bosses. To ensure fairness, the competition will be overseen by Lucy James, Mat Paget, Peter Brown, and Kallie Plagge.

    11 AM - 1 PM -- Spooky Dreamcast Games

    Take a walk down memory lane with Peter Brown, Mat Paget, and Jean-Luc Seipke as they play through some of the scarier games found on the Sega Dreamcast: Illbleed, Zombie Revenge, and Nightmare Creatures II.

    1 PM - 3 PM -- Devil May Cry 5 Stylish Run

    Alessandro Fillari shows off some of the coolest combos in Devil May Cry 5 while Jean-Luc Seipke, Ben Janca, and Matt Espineli cheer him on. Viewers can mess with Alessandro's flow by donating and unlocking in-game debuffs.

    3 PM - 5 PM -- Battle For The Grid

    Samantha "Persia" Hancock is joined by the combat developers for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Viewers are encouraged to boot up the game and challenge us--by donating, they can force the devs to play with certain restrictions.

    5 PM - 6 PM -- Let It Rip! The Beyblade Hour

    Tamoor Hussain, Lucy James, and numerous other members of the team break out the ol' plastic stadiums to oversee the first inaugural GameSpot Beyblade Battle Tournament.

    6 PM - 9 PM -- Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke Run

    The SF office's resident Pokemon expert Kallie Plagge embarks on a journey through the Hoenn region, with the stipulation that she can only catch the first Pokemon she encounters in each area and must abandon any that faint. Lucy James, Jake Dekker, Ben Janca, and Tamoor Hussain will commentate and viewers can donate to add rules and make the run harder. See how far she can get!

    9 PM - 10 PM -- Vine Theater

    GameSpot meme Slack channel leaders Lucy James, Ben Janca, Tamoor Hussain, Kallie Plagge, and Jean-Luc Seipke showcase some of their favorite Vines and try and get to the bottom of why they love them.

    10 PM - 12 AM -- The Definitive Smash Bros. Cop Ranking

    Jake Dekker, Jean-Luc Seipke, Kallie Plagge, Ben Janca, and Tamoor Hussain discuss how much of a cop each of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's characters is, and then decide on a definitive, completely correct tier list.

    Sunday, October 27

    12 AM - 8 AM -- GameSpot After Hours

    Chastity Vicencio, Ben Janca, Evan Langer, and Alessandro Fillari amp up the stream all through the night with intense multiplayer sessions of Killer Queen Black and Tekken 7, followed by an energizing Just Dance competition and Deadly Premonition spooks.

    8 AM - 10 AM -- More Rocket League

    Rob Handlery and Peter Brown return to play some more Rocket League. This time, they're joined by Ben Janca.

    10 AM - 12 PM -- Fortnite Tips From A 10-Year-Old And Ninja's Book

    Randy Ramsay brings in his kids who will first explain how adults are playing Fortnite incorrectly and then delve into how you can use Ninja's Tips For Influencer Success to become a pro gamer. If there's time, there will be a special follow-up makeup tutorial segment.

    12 PM - 2 PM -- The Bard's Tale Singalong

    As GameSpot's Australia office takes over, Jess McDonell kicks things off with The Bard's Tale. There will be singing too. Donate for a solo or donate for them to stop, totally up to you.

    2 PM - 5 PM -- Gaming Mashup

    Eddie Makuch dives into a trio of games, switching things up every hour. He'll first play the opening hour of Strange Brigade, then show off some of the wacky challenges in What the Golf, and finish his time with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the latest entry in the shooter franchise. Ask him to eat an onion like it's an apple--he'll do it! (If you donate).

    5 PM - 7 PM -- Sims 4 Speed Run

    Jess McDonell is going to get her Sim famous as fast as possible. Or get them to the top of the career ladder. She hasn't decided--but one thing is for sure: she has a system and a plan. Viewers can influence said plan by donating and helping or hurting her track to Sim stardom.

    7 PM - 8 PM -- Some Very Dangerous, Life-Threatening Kombat

    Edmond Tran plays an hour of Mortal Kombat 11.

    8 PM - 9 PM -- Spin Rhythm

    Edmond Tran plays an hour of brand new rhythm action game, Spin Rhythm XD.

    9 PM - 11 PM -- Taking On The Blair Witch

    Eddie Makuch dives into the creepy world of Blair Witch while Jess McDonell tries to keep the shrieks to a minimum. Every big scare comes with a reward for those who donate so come for the laughs and the spooks!

    11 PM - 12 AM -- SpyParty

    Jess McDonell, Eddie Makuch, and Edmond Tran rotate roles in SpyParty, a two-player game where one person must guide characters through a mission at a party filled with NPCs and the other person is a sniper who must figure out who the player-controlled characters are and kill them.

    Monday, October 28

    12 AM - 2 AM -- Siege The Day

    Jean-Luc Seipke, Mat Paget, and Evan Langer jump into some Rainbow Six: Siege online multiplayer matches as the stream reverts back to the San Francisco office.

    2 AM - 4 AM -- Luigi's Mansion

    In preparation for the release of Luigi's Mansion 3, Jean-Luc Seipke and Evan Langer play the opening hours of the original GameCube game.

    4 AM - 8 AM -- Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

    Kurt Indovina and Evan Langer play through True Fiction-related video games, make balloon animals, shoot confetti, and reveal strange facts about one another's lives. Things get weird at four o'clock in the morning.

    8 AM - 10 AM -- Baby's First Bloodborne

    Rob Handlery has never played Bloodborne, but he hears it's a decent game so he's going to try it out. Bloodborne fanatics Tamoor Hussain, Jake Dekker, Kurt Indovina, and Mat Paget are on standby to make sure he doesn't make any significant blunders.

    10 AM - 12 PM -- More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Michael Higham concludes this year's Extra Life with more online multiplayer matches in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Kallie Plagge (who's reviewing the game) and Jake Dekker will be joining him to commentate on his performance or take over if he needs a break.

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