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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Gamin' 4 Aven (Ryan Ritter)

Extra Life 2019


Why I Extra Life

A few years ago, the son of family friend's, Aven, lost his fight to leukemia. It was an event that, as a new dad, hit me dead in the gut. It wasn't fair that I knew people suffering through what was literally my worst nightmare and a young man's life ended before it really started.

I play in honor of Aven in hopes that we can defeat pediatric cancer and no family will ever have to experience such pain again.

To learn more about Aven and why I Extra Life, check out a full write up over at the Children's Hospital Foundation's website.

Upcoming Streams

Streamed live on my Twitch Channel.

Zelda 2: Link's Awakening
Friday, Nov 9 ~9pm CT
Sunday, Nov 11 ~9pm CT

Final Fantasy: Shadowbringers
Assisting with another 24-hour marathon! Starting time Saturday, Nov 16 @ 10pm CT.

24 Hour Marathon! Link to the Past & Ocarina of Time with Crowd Control
Starts on Friday, December 13 @ 7pm CT

Incentives & Death Tax

Virtual dirt naps means money comes out of my pocket. Actual tax amounts will vary by game, but be sure to check out the various incentives that can make playing the game near impossible. Everything from playing with oven mitts to impossible-to-clearly-see kaleidoscope glasses is on the table!

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