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Stephen Georg

Extra Life 2018


Hey folks! In support of McLeod Children's Hospital, we'll be playing video games all day on Twitch on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD, 2018. (Probably starting around noon Eastern.)

The theme this year is GAMECUBE. When you donate, leave a comment indicating which GameCube game you’d like to support—we’ll be playing the games that receive the most donations! (US releases only, please.)

This year, Dan will be here to read your donations, and Chaz will be running our donation system. To make everything run smoothly, and to hopefully play MORE GAMES THAN EVER BEFORE, we have a few rules for choosing a game:

  • Be sure you add a message! This is where you'll indicate the game you'd like to see played. You can write other things here, too - your donation may be read on stream! (If you don't want your message read, just include a note at the top of the message.)

  • Don't use a single donation to vote for multiple games. If you want to donate $10 towards two games, please make two $5 donations. It helps out everyone running the donation system! (You can break this rule with large donations, so long as each game you're donating to is receiving at least $20.)

  • Please choose a specific game, not “Stephen’s choice”, “Mallory’s choice”, “Kepler’s choice”, etc — they won’t work with our new donation system. (You can break this rule for very large donations of over $200.)

  • While we will try to read all donations on stream, we will be prioritizing reading donations of larger amounts. Every donation is extremely important to us, and to the hospital! However, we want to spend the most time possible playing games. Also, we will be saving donations to read later into the night, so if you don’t hear your donation read right away, it may be read in the wee hours (when things start to get a bit loopy!). And rest assured, every donation message will be seen by Stephen and Mal after the event.

We will play each game for ~30 minutes, then see what the game with the current highest total is, drop it to $0, and play that game next. It is possible for the same game to be played multiple times, if donations for it climb back up the list!

Here is the master spreadsheet that shows what is winning. Also, there is a tab named “All Games” that has a list of every GameCube game, if you want to find a game to donate to: Click here to see what's winning!

If you can’t wait for the event, check out our previous streams right here! See you all on November 3rd!


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