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It’s 2017. There’s enough misery in the world today. Let’s spend 24 (or more!) hours playing 48 (or more!) really weird, dumb, unusual and maybe occasionally bad surprise games, raise money for Seattle Childrens, and feel happy at the end of it.

As well as the general feeling of doing good, you can also win some great prizes, including our grand prize draw of a Nintendo Switch! 

The full Sarge Club crew of Dan, Panzer, OatmealRaisin and Adnelle returns, but this year we have a new challenger: Kaubocks! Nothing can possibly go wrong.


All times are in PDT/PST! Wondering what the icons mean?

 means that you'll be put into the draw for this prize if you donate during this block of games.
 means that we'll unlock a donation incentive if our total money raised reaches a certain amount before this block ends.

Opening Ceremony

 A street ready Tony Hawk: Ride skateboard! ($15 minimum, must donate before 9am to be eligible)

8:30 AM   Pre-show stream goes live. Watch at!
9:00 AM   The Opening Musical Number

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

 No Goblin Full Merch Pack!
If our donation total passes $4,200, we'll unlock the story behind Dan's Mystery Game.

9:30 AM    Jeffrey's Palate Cleanser
10:00 AM  Oatmeal Gets Some
10:30 AM  Kaubocks' America 101
11:00 AM  A Mystery for Adnelle
11:30 AM  Panzer's DVD Collection
12:00 PM  Dan's Secret Past ( +"developer" commentary)
12:30 PM  A Mystery For Cassie

Yes! Let's Do Import Block Again!

 Panzer's Curated Import Finds!

1:00 PM   Japan Truck Simulator?
1:30 PM   Australian King's Quest?
2:00 PM   Angry Furniture Man?
2:30 PM   Happy Giant Man?
3:00 PM   Dreamcast Quest 64?
3:30 PM   Skate 4?

Kentia Hall Memorial Block

 Revealing Soon. Stay Tuned!

4:00 PM   Getting Handsy With Sonic
4:30 PM   Getting Waggly With J.K. Rowling
5:00 PM   Getting Loud With LMFAO
5:30 PM   Getting Ballsy With Suda51
6:00 PM   Getting Sketchy With Spongebob

2nd Annual Sports Pentathlon

 Steam Code Rush!
 If our donation total passes $9,999, we'll add an extra game to both the pentathlon and the marathon!

6:30 PM   A Sports Wager Over Dinner
7:00 PM   Bill Gates' Favourite Sport
7:30 PM   Famous Sports
8:00 PM   Extreme Sports
8:30 PM   Water Sport
9:00 PM   Cold Sports
9:30 PM    BONUS! Donation Incentive Draw-Off

FMV R*E*A*L Superhighway Journey

 Revealing Soon. Stay Tuned!

10:00 PM   Mike Ditka's Palate Cleanser
10:30 PM   French FMV Action
11:00 PM   Kirk Cameron's Farm Fantasy
11:30 PM   James Cameron's Alternate Reality
12:00 AM   John de Lancie's Easy Paycheck
12:30 AM   Virtual Palate Ruiner

Oatmeal's Owl Our

 Revealing Soon. Stay Tuned!

1:00 AM   Wizard Owls, Dear Reader
1:00 AM   Hollywood Owls
1:30 AM   Anime Owls

The 360 Three Sixty Memorial Half Hour

2:00 AM   The #1 PS1 Game

The ForbiDden Games Block

 The Artisinally Assembled Dreamworks Prize Box!
 If our donation total passes $16,969, we'll change this block to SHREKSTRA-LIFE 2017.

2:30 AM   All that glitters is gold
3:00 AM   Hits start coming / Won't stop coming
3:30 AM   Right about now / Taking the back streets
4:00 AM   Furbitten Game / Break the mold
4:30 AM   Steel Hand / Hit the ground running
5:00 AM   The Game We Played In An Alternate Timeline

Good Morning Cheer Up Time

 Steam Code Rush Returns!

5:30 AM   Good Morning Mall Trip
6:00 AM   Jeff Goldblum's Good Morning
6:30 AM   Your Friendly Neighborhood Morning
7:00 AM   Theme Park Time
7:30 AM   Pretty Pony Time

Closing Ceremony

 If our donation total passes the stream goal ($20,420), we'll add an encore game to the marathon. You'll be able to join in on this game, too!

8:00 AM   You Choose the Finale! See the details below!
8:30 AM    BONUS Donation Incentive Encore!
9:00 AM   IT'S OVER!

All donators get to help pick the final game of the marathon. When donating, mention one of the following games in your comment to cast your vote for what we play at the end:

            - A Dog's Life (Haunted Version)
            - Guy Fieri's Minute To Win It DS
            - Blues Brothers 2000 Multiplayer
            - Army Men Suffering


We’re curating some great prizes for people who donate to Sarge Club!

Grand Prize

If you donate at least $25 across all your donations at any point before the marathon ends, you'll be in the draw to win a Nintendo Switch!

Look at that! That could be yours if you donate more than $25 and win the draw! You could play that classy plumber boy Mario, or Zelda it up, or Picross up some puzzles, or play any of the other great games coming out for the Switch! What a great prize!

Stream BLOCK Prizes

New for this year! Inspired by the themed prizes at events like GDQ, we'll also be awarding prizes for donations that happen during a specific programming block. Donate any amount while the block is running to be eligible for the prize.

Full details for all prize blocks coming soon:

 No Goblin Full Merch Pack!
 Panzer's Curated Import Finds!
 Kentia Hall Block Prize!
 FMV Block Prize!
 The Oatmeal's Owl Our Prize!
 The Artisinally Assembled Dreamworks Prize Box!
 Steam Code Rush!

Pre-Stream Donor Prize

We have a pretty amazing prize for pre-stream donators! If you donate more than $15 before the stream starts on November 4th, you'll be put in the draw for this one of a kind Tony Hawk: Ride Skateboard. What makes it one of a kind? Well, besides it being the board that we used during Sarge Club's Worst of the Best marathon, it's also undergoing a few modifications to make it street ready...

(In progress shot! More shots coming after we've put the finishing touches on it)

Stay tuned for more information on our stream day prizes!


Thank you SO MUCH for supporting Sarge Club for five years now. If we meet this year’s goal, we will have raised over $50,000 for Seattle Childrens! That’s insane! Let’s keep helping kids with the power of weird games.

- Dan, Panzer, Oatmeal, Adnelle and Kaubocks!

PS: Looking for previous Sarge Club streams? Check them out over on Dan’s YouTube channel!



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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