Ryann Weller

Team Captain Playing with Fire Extra Life 2017



  • WHEN:          May 13th - 14th, 10AM - 10AM PDT
  • WHERE:        At Google in downtown San Francisco
  • SCHEDULE: Will be at the bottom of this page
  • DONATING:  Click on the "SUPPORT ME" button up above. You may be donating to me but this will increase our team's total!
  • SPECIAL: You the community created this one "special challenge"...If we raise over $18K, (which to me, is crazy to think about)...anyways, if we do, while wearing a Toothless (from How To Train Your Dragon) onesie, I'll play FNAF in VR. I already "vowed" I wouldn't play that game...so I'm agreeing that if you can raise that absurd amount for the kids, I'll not only play it, but I'll do it in VR. Happy? *shudders*
Why I'm Here:

I'm here because I simply want to help families going through hard times.  With everything a family goes through when their child is sick, the last thing they should have to worry about is funds.  That stress should have no place in their lives when they already have so much to focus on. 

I had a chance years back to work with CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County) during their CHOC Walk at Disney.  It was such a joy to see all the lives children hospitals touch and can save given the support.  Living up here near San Francisco now, I want to help support our local children's hospital, UCSF Benioff.

I'm a developer and a gamer.  I consider it a blessing that I get to do something I love with such a passionate community.  Through that shared passion, we get to help kids and families, help them in their time of need.  If you enjoy my stream, if you're having fun during the event, all I ask is you support our team and what we are trying to do.  Save kids lives, give families peace of mind, give them the same that you would want if you were in the same situation.  I thank you for all the support!

Twitch Schedule:
  • 10AM - Rocket League/Overwatch (start out as a team) 
  • 11AM - If Rocket League, break off into squads playing PUBG 
  • 1PM - Lunch break, social eating 
  • 1:30PM - Worms WMD (as a group) 
  • 3PM - Break off and do our own thing for a few hours / Try out some of the Game Jam games 
  • 7PM - Dinner break, social eating 
  • 7:30PM - Mass Effect Multiplayer (for those that want to play) / PUBG / Play what you want 
  • 9PM - Little Nightmares 
  • 11PM - Outlast 2 / Play what you want 
  • 1AM - Break, social eating 
  • 1:30AM - VIVE VR: Raw Data / Twisted Arrow 
  • 3AM - PUBG as a group 
  • 7AM - Group Choice to finish off the stream


  • We're going to be supporting our Teammates all hit $1,000
  • Each Teammate that hits a $1,000 we're going to have a TON of giveaways
  • Each Teammate that hits $1K will be getting Gold Medal from Extra Life!




Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.