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Extra Life 2023

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Welcome to Codename Entertainments Extra Life 2023 Campaign!

We are once again doing a 24 hour live stream on Twitch. This year the fun starts at 8:30 AM PDT on Friday October 20th, and runs to 9AM PDT Saturday October 21st! 

Codename Entertainment is once again proudly supporting BC Children's Hospital. BC Children's Hospital is the province's leading teaching and research facility for child health. Through the care and services provided it has directly touched the lives of many of the Codename Entertainment team members and their children.

We once again appreciate your support to such a worthwhile cause that benefits not only our community, and the team at Codename, but through their teaching and research, children and families around the world.

Schedule of Events (Friday October 20th):

8:30 am

Founders Q&A

9:30 am

Tactile Storytelling: Making D&D Props

10:30 am

Goblins for Dinner

12:30 pm

Gardening With Elisa

1:30 pm


4:15 pm

Queen By Midnight

6:00 pm

Artomancy: Special Edition

7:00 pm

Idle Champions Karaoke

8:00 pm

Dad Jokes Don't Laugh Challenge

9:00 pm

Multiplayer Beat Saber 

10:30 pm

Mario Party

11:30 pm

CNE vs Machine

12:30 am


2:30 am

Jackbox Games

4:30 am

Artomancy: Special Edition [Tentative]

8:00 am

Mars In The Morning

9:00 am

Thank-You and Goodnight!

How to Contribute:

There are multiple ways to support our campaign. The easiest way is to donate directly to the Codename Entertainment Extra Life campaign by donating at any of our team roster pages! Many of the team roster pages have a specific segment they are producing during the 24 hour stream. Click the roster button above and checkout each team members page to see how they are integrating donations into their livestream!

The next easiest way to support us is to purchase the in game Extra Life 2023 charity packs in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms or in Bush Whacker 2. A donation this way not only supports the campaign but gets you exclusive in game items as well!

You can donate in Idle Champions by purchasing the Boom Boom The Tavern Keep Familiar Pack. 

The Boom Boom pack includes Boom Boom the Familiar, 4 Huge Potions of Speed, 4 Huge Potions of Giants Strength, 4 Huge Potions of Clairvoyance, and a Potion of Polish! 

You can donate in Bush Whacker 2 by purchasing any of the three different Extra Life package deals!

Each pack contains premium Bush Buck currency and Extra Life Elixirs which restore 100% of your max energy. Plus, pick up a laser sword in the other two packs: The Extra Life Game pack, and the Extra Life Bus pack!

All proceeds from the week of October 16th - 22nd of the Idle Champions Boom Boom The Tavern Keep Familiar Pack and the Bush Whacker 2 Extra Life package deals will be donated to our 2023 Extra Life campaign!



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