Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.


We are Guild Two-Taps, a Canadian group of friends and tabletop gamers. Normally we meet about once a week to play tabletop games, but this November we'll be participating in our seventh Extra Life fundraiser - streaming video games for 24 straight hours.

Some of us have been personally touched by Children's Hospitals; others just wish to keep their facilities running in optimal condition. Our big event will take place on the first weekend of November, where we'll be revisiting classics from our childhood as well as more recent, current-gen favourites. We'll also be doing a few extra streams/events, including D&D games and single-game mini-marathons, so stay tuned to @GuildTwoTaps on Twitch and Twitter for more announcements!

There are three ways you can help us out:

1) Donate if you are able - we know this is another strange year, but while money is tight for a lot of folks, the Children's Hospital still needs assistance. Any amount you can share is a tremendous help!

2) Watch the stream (and better yet, chat with us!). The more people watch us, the more people we'll bring in, and the more potential donations. This is a great way to help if you can't pledge yourself! We'll be playing a variety of games and finding ways to make things as interesting and entertaining as possible, and maybe we can play one of your favourite games along the way!

3) Share with your friends. Know some fellow gamers or other people whose lives have been touched by the Children's Hospital? Let them know about the event!

We deeply appreciate any and all donations, and hope you enjoy our Twitch stream - we've got some fun segments planned.

If you'd like an on-air shout-out or to recommend a game, include your request in the message field when making a donation and/or let us know in the chat!

Donations to our team will benefit the Children's Hospitals of London (Ontario) and Toronto.



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