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Welcome Heroes!

We can't only be Super Heroes in a virtual world. We need to help out where we can in the real world, too. 

This year, the DC Universe Online team will support our local Austin Children's Miracle Network Hospital, Dell Children's Ascension. Here's how you can help:

  1. Make a donation to our team directly, to any of our team members (check out incentives!), or to anyone participating in Extra Life.
  2. JOIN OUR TEAM! Yes, everyone is welcome. Join us and look for your own donations, set your own milestones, or set your own incentives. Every bit counts for the kids, and every bit helps our team reach our goal.
  3. Spread the word. Let others know what Extra Life is, send them to our page, mention it in DCUO. Every bit of word of mouth helps, too.

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Stay tuned for 2022's new milestone rewards!


Join the team and reach one of the below personal milestones for an extra special reward!

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Oceans' Boss Events

What is a Boss Event? How can I donate for one?

Boss events are special incentives that Oceans has available this year. Head to her Extra Life page and click donate or choose an incentive directly in the top right of her page.

There are no time slots listed?!

If there are no slots listed under my incentives, it means all my current available slots have been claimed. But fear not! I will be posting more slots for both on and off stream boss events through October leading up to our big Game Day on November 6th! Keep checking back for more availability!

What time do these take place?

All time slots are listed in Central Time, so please make sure you check what time that is in your time zone! Please be ready to go at your chosen time slot so we can keep everything going on time!

How many rewards will I get? Are the styles unlockable on other characters?

You’ll be able to choose one of the three rewards per boss event. This reward will drop for you and everyone participating with you in that boss event. These rewards are a single grant and not currently available for style unlocking. They are account bound and can be given to a different character than you earned it on!

Is donating for Boss Events the only way to earn these rewards?

The Boss Event rewards (The Caregiver’s Cape, Angelic Aura, and Starry Caregiver’s Chroma) can currently only be obtained by participating in one of our charity boss events. If you have donated for a boss event incentive, you will be able to choose one reward to be granted upon completion of the event. 

The chosen reward will be dropped for the area for anyone participating with you, so you can share the experience with your friends and fellow players! If you are unable to donate to claim your own boss event, keep an eye out for any generous players who have chosen to spawn these in public areas that you can join!

Can I choose a public area for my boss event and make sure my friends can be with me?

If you choose a public area with multiple phases, please add me to your group and I’ll keep you and the rest of the group phased with us!


What are these DCUO Postcards? 

Postcards are special incentives that any DCUO developer may have available this year. Many of the postcards from 2020 are back (we printed quite a few), and Oceans created a brand-new Metropolis postcard for 2021, in a minimalist, vertical style. Don't miss that one!

How can I donate for one?

Head to any of the Extra Page for DCUO developers and click donate or choose the specific incentive directly at the top right of their page. Participating developers are listed in the article above with links.

There are no more postcards listed?!

These are physical items so eventually and hopefully we will sell out. However, we will also be rolling these out in batches over the next month to make sure we still have some for Game Day on November 6. Check back often or follow us on social media channels to see when more are posted.

What information do you need from me to send me a postcard?

Again, this is a real-world physical item, so we will need the complete mailing address for where you want the postcard mailed. This can be your address or a friend's - they make great gifts! If you would like us to address the postcard a certain way or have other requests, include that information as well.

During the donation process, Extra Life will prompt you for this information. For your privacy and other reasons, please do not send this information in any other way. 


Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page to help.



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