Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Play games, help oklahoma kids!

We're on a mission to play games in order to help heal kids. Help us raise funds for Children's Hospital Foundation in Oklahoma City. All funds donated to Children's Hospital Foundation stay in Oklahoma so that families don’t have to leave the state to receive specialized care. They serve children and adolescents in all 77 counties. No child is ever turned away, regardless of ability to pay. 

By joining our team, you'll help us raise $10,000 for the hospital. Your goal can be as small as $100 and helps us reach ours! Every dollar counts.

With COVID-19, fundraising has been especially hard as events have had to cancel. We encourage your gaming groups to raise funds and help us help the kids!

How can I help raise funds?

By clicking "Join our Team" above you'll be prompted to create your own Extra Life fundraiser. Here are some ideas to help encourage donations to your fundraiser:

  • Ask friends to sponsor you: e.g. $1 for each hour you play.

  • Allow donors or players to make in-game decisions for you for set prices (character creation, dice rerolls, quest paths, etc.) or let them decide which games you play.

  • Offer rewards for tiers of support (crafted items, baked goods, thank you shout-outs, sign a t-shirt you wear, wear a costume on stream, shave your head, etc.)

  • Ask your place of work or local businesses to sponsor you, donate prizes, donate a % of proceeds or set up a donation jar.

  • Host a tournament with a 50/50 prize pool for entries.

  • Stream using the streaming kit offered by Extra Life.

What games can I play? / Is it just video games?

Extra Life is for all types of gamers, video games or tabletop. You can play anything you like from board games to D&D to Skyrim to COD to a mix of everything.

What does my goal have to be?

The minimum goal is $100. Set your goal to anything you’re comfortable with. Every dollar helps!

Where does the money go? Is it tax deductible?

100% of the proceeds go to the hospital you choose when you set up your Extra Life page. We encourage you to donate to Children's Hospital Foundation in Oklahoma City. Yes, donations are tax deductible and online donors automatically get an emailed tax receipt. Offline donors can receive one by mail. 

Does it have to be a big event?

No. Most Extra Lifers fund raise solo. However, if you want to create a public or private event with your school, club, business or friends group, that’s also a great way to raise funds.

Do I have to play for 24 hours or on a certain day?

While Extra Life promotes a 24-hour gaming marathon the first weekend of November, there’s no restrictions on your fundraising schedule. We’ve hosted 6 and 12 hour events. Some gamers fund raise throughout the year. You’re in control.

Can I incorporate my Twitch stream?

Absolutely! This is a really easy way to promote and generate hype about your fundraiser. Extra Life even offers overlays and other resources for your stream to track donations.

What if someone donates cash or check?

You can “Add an Offline” donation from the Extra Life website. It will instruct you on how to send the funds to Children’s Miracle Network, who will distribute to your hospital.

Any more tips?

  • Personalize your Extra Life page and explain why you’re fundraising.
  • Use the Extra Life email portal to reach out to contacts.
  • Connect your Extra Life page to Facebook.
  • Check out the Resources page once you’ve logged in.
  • Share your efforts on social media; make a Facebook event for the day you fund raise.
  • Create “mini goals” on your way to your big goal and celebrate them.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hit your goal. Remember, every dollar goes toward Oklahoma kids in need. You’re a rock star for helping out!



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