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Extra Life 2020

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Extra life 2020

Saturday nov. 21st to Sunday nov. 22nd, 2020

24 hours of Gaming & D&D to fund-raise for the Extra-Life Charity!

Throughout the 24 hours, we will be running D&D Adventurers Leagues games, video game streams like Among Us, Doki Doki Club, Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, as well as Jackbox Party Pack games to help raise money for Extra Life!

Last year, during the Extra Life stream, we raised over $750 for the charity, and are looking to raise even more this year!  We've already raised over $3500 this year, and our team's fundraising goal will be to raise at least $1,500 during these 24 hours that'll be going to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

We now also have special merch for sale with all profits going to our team fundraising for Extra Life!

Check it out here! (more info below):

Full Stream Details - PDF: The Adventurer Leagues - Extra-Life Day 2020.pdf

When is it?

Extra-Life 2020 will start on Saturday Nov. 21st, 2020, starting at 9am Pacific Time (-8 UTC), and will run games throughout the day going until Nov. 22nd 9am.

Local Timezone Conversion: 

Where do I Watch?

We will have several streamers running streams on their individual Twitch channels, however all games will be hosted here:, so you can watch either their stream directly, or the main stream host all day long.  If you like a particular streamer, please follow/subscribe to their channel and help support each other as well!

Individual Streamer Links:
Devon - @OmegaSilverstone#0322 -
Ian - @Ian322#6161 -
Rose - @Rose#4849 -
Dreamsleever - @dreams#9466 -
b3ast-m0d3 - @B34s7_m0d3#4734 -

How do You Participate?

- The biggest and best way to participate is by donating to the Extra Life charity by clicking that Donate button on this page. That helps us reach our goals and helps save sick kid's lives.

- Join our Discord serverwe’ll be announcing more details there.  Come join our “tavern”, say hello and  get to know our amazing community, and play some D&D.

Donation Rewards & Donation Goals!

Our main fundraising goal is to raise $1,500 during Extra Life 2020.  There are several things you can donate for anytime during the stream, and there are also specific donations you can make during each of the streams to help make the stream more fun and/or torture the participants with delightfully evil "rewards" they must perform.
[For physical prizes, make sure you include your name, email address and/or discord user name (e.g. @JmanX#1010) so we can contact you if you win]*Will arrange according to DM & Donor schedule 
**Must pass staff approval (nothing nsfw, etc.) 
***Level 1-5 campaign (e.g. Lost Mines of Phandelver or Waterdeep: Dragon Heist), will work to arrange schedule

Extra Life 2020 TAL Shirts/Hoodies/Stickers Now Available!

Designed and created by one of our original server members, we are now able to offer special merch. designed just for our Extra Life day stream!  All profits from these shirts, hoodies, and stickers will go to our donation to Extra Life for our team this year!  These will only be available until December 15th, 2020.

The shirt & hoodies come in all sizes and several color options, and the hoodies are made of a high quality, super soft material.  You can check them all out and pick up yours here:

New Milestones!

• If we get to $4,250 ($750 raised for this event), One random donor will win a copy of a WotC hardcover + our Exclusive Extra Life 2020 TAL T-Shirt!

• If we hit our goal of $5,000 ($1,500 raise for this event), One random donor will win a HeroForge Color Mini + our Exclusive Extra Life 2020 TAL Hoodie!

Thank You All!

We hope you enjoy participating in Extra-Life 2020, and most importantly donate, even if it's just a couple dollars, it all goes to a great cause.

And of course thank you, you all have helped to make this a special community that we all are so happy to be a part of and it's all thanks to you guys.  So this stream is also a thank you to you all.  See ya this weekend!

Stream Link: 
Team Page:

The Adventurer Leagues Discord

is a group of players and DM’s looking to host and play D&D Adventurer’s League sessions, as well as other D&D campaigns and related chat and games.

To join in on the fun, please join us on the The Adventurer Leagues Discord server (Discord is a text & voice chat program/app). You will need to join the Discord server in order to message DMs and join games. All chat and Adventurer’s League games and info can be found there.

ALL games will be played using, which is a website that allows for online Dungeons & Dragons play. You will need a Roll20 account in order to participate and play the Adventurer Leagues games. For any questions or issues, please join us in the The Adventurer Leagues Discord server.

We need your help to reach our goal For The Kids!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. To make a safe and easy online donation to a member of our team, click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page.

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts!



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