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This is our 3rd year streaming for the BC Children's Hospital and this year we're trying to raise a biggest amount yet in $1500! As always we pride our selves what we put out to our fans. There will be many hours of pure gaming but we plan on giving you more than just that. We plan on giving you the best entertaining stream there is on Extra Life day!

Here's The Schedule

This is the layout for our event. Times our subject to change and these our rough estimates as clearly we don't know how long a match could go on. Check out our Facebook and Twitter the day of and anytime an event is happening we'll let you know.

9am PST Start Time : The Warm Up

9:30-11 : First Ever Sports Title 3 Way

Kirklin Defends his title trying to make history as no one has defended the sports title more then twice. His opponents...the only other people to hold the sports title Taylor and Travis. If he beats them they can never challenge Kirklin again during this reign 

He's beaten them both before but can he bet them at the same time? Will Travis and Taylor be able to focus on Kirklin and not their former long going feud? 

11-3 : Superhero Showcase

The Geeks bread and butter in the Podcast world is Marvel and DC so they'll be playing some classic Superhero games that they haven't played in years. Punisher, Justice League Heroes, X-Men Legends and More!

3-4 : Hunka Hunka V Rot Or Not Punishment Deathmatch

Last year Taylor made an enemies of the Hunka Hunka boys so they plan on striking back. Taylor will battle Michael Snell II in a Punishment Deathmatch. They'll verse each other in several games and the man that loses will have a punishment forced on them. Spanks, gross drinks, leg waxing, and more!

4:45 : The Wolf Order Returns/State Of The Gauntlet

Taylor and Travis put aside there feud to reunite forces for the Tournament. But before that they will sit down and give one of their classics interviews. They haven't been on the same page in over a year so it's a can't miss event when the filter is taken off Taylor and Travis.

5 : 4th Annual Gauntlet Tournament

For the first time ever the GeekVerse Gauntlet Title is vacant. With Tyler Briggs being stripped this tournament is set up to be the most historic Gauntlet Tournament ever. Dylan and Jessica are returning from retirement. Jessica is looking for her first title. Dylan hasn't competed in singles in 3 Years! The Wolf Order returns to action and teams for the first time in 2 years, can they recapture the magic and the Gold. Can Kirklin win the tournament back to back years. Plus Clinton enters his first tournament looking to make an impact.

History will be made as either someone wins the Main Title for the first time or we get our first ever two time Gauntlet Champion.

Rest Of The Stream….Madness.

Once all the events are over we'll be hanging out playing games and interacting with fans. So join us in the chat, ask us questions, recommend games, and join the madness.


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