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Hail and Well Met!

The Orlando Roleplayer Cooperative is an Orlando, Florida based gaming community with deep roots in the local gaming culture. Many of us have been running events and playing in Orlando for more than 20 years. We are joining the Cause this year, in cooperation with The Collective in Altamonte Springs. 

We are currently planning on hosting a 24 hour gaming event @ the Collective on November 1-2, from 11 PM until 11 PM. We will plan on running Pathfinder 2nd Edition, Starfinder and 5th Edition DnD. We are also working on a Pathfinder 2 Dungeon Challenge. We plan on providing raffles, and other prizes from local stores. As contributions are received this will be updated. 

If you wish to help as a DM/Judge or Volunteer, Please join our team, so your Goal can be added to the Team Goal. Since this is our 1st attempt, we are keeping the Goal at $500, unless things really start looking up. 

Note: If making an event donation, please use First Name Last Initial, and you could make a note like HP for Hero Point, etc



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