Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.


We, here at The Geek Lyfe, try our very best to use our talents and resources to raise money for those in need!

Every year, since The Geek Lyfe began, we have participated in Extra Life and supported  Phoenix Children's Hospital , and play  Dungeons & Dragons

This year is no different as we gather our homies together to game for a great cause! On 4/27 we are collaborating with  Bytes N' Brews  ,  Cheshsmiles Cosplay  ,   Loki Twin , The Final Boys, The God Damn DM, and  Sara Moni  to raise $750 live on

Your contributions alter the story!

Every single act  has a specific donation goal if we meet that goal then an iconic monster is summoned to terrorize the heroes! Names of NPCs will be named after donators and at the end of each act, the viewers vote on whether or not the guests live, die, or betray the main cast members!


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