Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.


     Welcome to our Extra Life team fundraising page!!! Our team is on a mission to help sick and injured kids in our local communities. Each of us
has chosen our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital that treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their illness, injury or even their family's ability to pay. Last year we managed to raise over $3,000 and we are so excited to be here to do it all again for 2019!!

Who are the Thread Raiders?

Thread Raiders is a community of like-minded individuals that have the common goal of spreading a loving message across various forms of social media, hoping to leave the world a better place than when they found it. We encourage and support others to follow their dreams no matter how big or small. A place where you can share a good laugh with friends and build relationships. It is about being a good person, a steward of the community, and making a safe space where you can be yourself and not be judged. If you are kind, respectful, and have a desire to make a difference in the world then you are a Thread Raider too! Come reach for the stars with us and be a part of something bigger! Find people you can laugh with, enjoy each other’s conversations, and decompress from your everyday lives.

If you would like to find out more about us, visit us on one of our social media sites!  

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**** Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. To make a safe and easy online donation to a member of our team, click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page.

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts! 

We will be running an online fundraiser November 1-3, 2019 at Twitch.TV/ThreadRaiders We have over 54 hours of gaming fun planned just for you!


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