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Extra Life 2019

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#MIXEROTTAWA'S PLAYING COUCH GAMES AT THE 2019 CHEO TELETHON on sunday june 9, 2019 from noon to 7pm est!

#MixerOttawa is a crew of local gaming live streamers on the up and coming Mixer platform. We're a close knit group of friends who love using our hobby and passion to support great causes for our community. Few of those causes are more well know or meaningful to Canada's capital than the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Whether you live in Ottawa or know someone who does, you know of the incredible work CHEO does for sick kids in our community and also for advancing medicine as a whole through their incredible research efforts. To be able to leverage our hobby that we love to benefit this great institution is an honour for us all.

Plans for the big Game Day in November are coming later but before then, we're doing a special event live from the set of the CHEO 2019 Telethon! We'll be running a special, live-streamed couch gaming area on the set where a group of us and our friends will be playing couch co-op and competitive games from noon to 7pm! Families visiting the Telethon set will be able to come visit and play games with us and we'll be fundraising for our team and taking new Extra Life registrations too! The whole event will be live streamed on Mixer on theSHED Community's channel, where you'll be able to chat and interact with our group in near real-time.

A bunch of us will be coming and going throughout the day but several different streamers will be there and you you can check out (and follow) all of our Mixer channels, where we all stream on a regular basis:

Parallax Abstraction

We're all proud members of theSHED gaming and streaming community, an inclusive group based around bringing gamers together to help each other and the world in general.

You can check out our team roster right here and any donations you make to our campaigns count toward our team total. 100% of your donation goes to CHEO and if you donate with a credit card, Extra Life now supports Canadian dollars! If you donate with PayPal, it is in US dollars but CHEO will also received the full, converted amount.

We're super excited to be doing Extra Life again and hopefully we can see you all in the Mixer chat this weekend! Thank you for helping us all be heroes for the kids!


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