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Real Women of Gaming

Extra Life 2019

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Real Women of Gaming was created back in 2013 to combat the stereotype of the “Fake Gamer/Geek Girl.” Crymson Pleasure lead the charge with some of her best female gamer friends, including Vanri The Rogue, KinkedNitemare, Thia the Bard and Chritter. RWoG started out as just a Facebook page to raise awareness about female gamers, but quickly grew into a multi-media gaming entertainment group that promotes diversity in the gaming and geek communities. Real Women of Gaming strives to help make the gaming/geek community a safe space for all people, especially those who have faced adversity. 

Real Women of Gaming started working with Extra Life four years ago for the Charity Edition of the Cards Against Sobriety livestream. In this four hour stream, we raised over $500 for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We decided to work with Extra Life because we wanted to utilize our platform for a good cause. Extra Life was the perfect choice, as it allows us to use our passion for gaming to help not only the gaming community but also our local community.

Throughout our journey, we have come in contact with many wonderful people that have been in Children’s Hospital as well as family members and friends of children who are currently in or have been in Children’s Hospital. The generosity and kindness of all of those we’ve met has made all of our hard work more than worth it. Over the last four years, Real Women of Gaming has raised almost $4,000 for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Our 2019 Events are:

Be Someone's Superhero - April 27th
Video Games & Fun
Uncanny, King of Prussia Mall 10 am to 9 pm

Charites & Champions - September 28th
12 hrs of Dungeons & Dragons
Online Only

Both Online @ 

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