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Thread Raiders

Extra Life 2018


Who are the Thread Raiders?

A community of like-minded individuals that have the common goal of spreading a loving message across various forms of social media, hoping to leave the world a better place than when they found it. We encourage and support others to follow their dreams no matter how big or small. A place where you can share a good laugh with friends and build relationships. It is about being a good person, a steward of the community, and making a safe space where you can be yourself and not be judged.

If you are kind, respectful, and have a desire to make a difference in the world then you are a Thread Raider too! Come reach for the stars with us and be a part of something bigger! Find people you can laugh with, enjoy each other’s conversations, and decompress from your everyday lives.



Our Goal!
To help sick and injured kids in our local communities. Each of us has chosen our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital that treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their illness, injury or even their family's ability to pay.
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Thank you so much for supporting our efforts!

Fundraiser Schedule -

 Date: Friday Nov 2nd
 Time: 4 pm -.7:30 pm Eastern
 Game: Dueling DMs!
 DMs: @Daquine and @Chaotic Anarachy

 Two DMs compete against the clock. Daquine will DM with a horrific Lovecraft style, while Chaotic will take us on an enchanted journey into a dark wonderland theme. Will you be able to keep your sanity? Let's find out!

Date: Friday Nov 2nd
 Time: 9 pm – 12 am Eastern
 Game: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition : Rebels of Cloudberg!
 DM: @Metzgirl
 Nobles in the town of Clouberg have been having an increasing number of thefts of a specific type of valuable property, and they know it's the thieves’ guild. However, they have no evidence and the town's police won't stir up trouble unnecessarily. The nobles have had enough, so they're hiring a group outside the law to come take care of things.

Date: Saturday Nov 3rd
 Time: 12am – 8am
 Game: Tales from Aud Bin Chuur
 DM: @Murasakininja
 The adventurers have tracked a rash of disappearances across Chuur, down into uncharted miles of the Deep Below. They’ve come across the unknown at every corner, both wondrous and terrifying. As the search comes to an end, what they find might just blow their minds! 

 Date: Saturday Nov 3rd
 Time: 9 am -12 pm Eastern
 Game: Honey Heist: Elder Scrolls Theme
 DM: @Dire Foxicorn

 Joy takes us on an adventurous journey into the world of Elder Scrolls using the Honey Heist D6 system.
 Date: Saturday Nov 3rd
 Time: 4 pm - 6:30pm Eastern
 Game: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition : Desert Heist Theme
 DM @David Steele

 Watch the players get lost among the sand dunes under the scorching sun in this fast and furious dessert heist.

 Date: Saturday Nov 3rd
 Time: 7:30 pm -10 pm Eastern 
 Game: Vampire the Masquerade - Emerald City Nights 
 DM: @SoMattyGameZ 
 Seattle, the Emerald City, bastion of the Grunge movement, lays quiet in 1996 after the unprecedented growth in the mortal population. All the while, the Kindred have seen their numbers dwindle after a string of assassinations and corresponding death sentences. As the long serving Prince struggles to retain her power, a new batch of leaders ascend to bring a new world order to the City on the Sound.

Date: Sunday Nov 4th
 Time: 12 am – 8 am
 Game: Hallway
 DM: @Maxine_Baughman

There is a hallway, with a bunch of doors, all you have to do is go through a door complete the challenge and exit the room. Each room is completely different, but having to do with each type of and counter one may find in a full campaign. 


 Date: Sunday Nov 4th
 Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 am Eastern
 Game: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition : TPK THEATRE
 DM: @TK (Kanthos88)

 The TPK Theatre, a set of one-shots guaranteed to delight with death and destruction. Made for 1-6 players with interesting ways to role-play and potentially die in fun and interesting ways.


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