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The Shrunkenheadman Club

Extra Life 2018

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A 24 Hour Commission DRive For the Kids.

SHM Speed Run is a 24 hour commission drive in partnership with the Shrunkenheadman Club (SHM), the Animation/Illustration club of San Jose State, and Extra Life. On February 23rd for 24 hours, artists will be taking and fulfilling commissions to raise money for the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital’s Children’s Ward! Along the way during the 24 hours we'll be giving out cool prizes and rewarding participants with funny stretch goals.

Disclaimer for participants:

By signing up to participate in this event, you agree to follow all rules regarding this fundraiser: No nsfw, no gore, no nudity. Do not use any form of the extra life logo on anything you sell, or distort or modify it in any way. You are liable for completing all your commissions on time, and the Shrunkenheadman club is not liable for any unfinished or unfulfilled commissions. Know your own limits and do not overexert yourself. Every participant is a representative of the Shrunkenheadman club, and therefore the SJSU Animation/Illustration program.

- fire it up!

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