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Extra Life 2017

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NOTICE - The painting we did on the air has been claimed.  Thank you :)

Join the EME Dream Stream Team

Join the official En Masse Entertainment team and earn sweet rewards for our games! By joining, you're committing yourself to do your best to raise money through your Extra Life profile. Together we can blow our $15,000 goal out of the water and make an enormous difference in the lives of children in need.

Here at EME, we'll stream for 25 hours starting at noon, November 4. Tune in to learn about exciting ways to donate to the cause, or keep scrolling to check out our milestone rewards as we climb towards our $15,000 goal!


View and Participate In the Live Stream

Join us in our Twitch chat during the 25-hour En Masse stream and keep us company. Play games with us in the chat channel, participate in raffles, and donate to affect the broadcast in different (often weird) ways. Encourage others to join in the fun or run your own Twitch stream to keep the donation train rolling! 

Most stream donations will need to made to the primary En Masse Entertainment Extra Life profile (the captain of this team).


Buy the Extra Life Bundles!

TERA and Kritika Extra Life 2017 bundles are available on our site! All the proceeds will go towards the En Masse Entertainment profile, and get added to the team total once sales close November 8. Show your support and get some sweet loot in the process. 

Donate to our Team Members!

Our team members will be from all over the place. Check out the team roster for fun ways to donate to them too. Each person's profile can contain unique incentives and rewards for donating. The five highest earning members will get a TERA Unity Stole. The three highest earning members will receive a special Ace Closers Bundle Founders Pack with an est. $150 value:


We're incredibly excited to see the community come together to support such an amazing cause!

Milestone Rewards - Help us reach our goal to get the following:

$3,000 Milestone: TERA Double XP Weekend

$4,000 Milestone: TERA Battleground Jackpot all weekend long (CS & FWC)

$5,000 Milestone: TERA Permanent Sugar Spun Wings log in reward (once per account). Kritika group code #1.

$6,000 Milestone: TERA Triple XP Weekend

$7,000 Milestone: TERA 1.5x Drop Rate

$8,000 Milestone: Temporary Go-Karts & Disco Balls added to TERA calendar. Kritika group code #2.

$9,000 Milestone: TERA 2x Drop Rates

$10,000 Milestone: TERA Battleground Jackpot LEVEL 2 all weekend long (CS & FWC)

$11,000 Milestone: Ultra-Fire-Hyper-Turbo-Time Enabled in overworld

$12,000 Milestone: Overworld boss spawns

$12,500 Milestone: Permanent Sugar Spun Headband log in reward (once per account)

$13,000 Milestone: Added Boss Loot (4 and 5-star dungeons)

$13,500 Milestone: Cosmetic items added to VG merchant (accessories)

$14,000 Milestone: TERA 3x Drop Rates

$14,500 Milestone: Overworld boss spawns LEVEL 2!

$15,000 Milestone: Vergos Overworld Domination. Kritika group code #3.

$16,000 Milestone: ???

$17,000 Milestone: ???!?!



Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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