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Extra Life 2017

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Welcome to The Car Bomb Podcast's fundraising page!


Our team is local to Kelowna, British Columbia and we are supporting B.C. Childrens Hospital in Vancouver. 



Approximately 62 children enter a Children's Miracle Network hospital a minute. Every minute, Children's Miracle Network provides $6,500.00 to help save the lives of these children.

B.C. Children's Hospital provides care (including mental health care) for the most seriously injured and ill children from across British Columbia and they depend on community support to fund vital services.

Your donation will go directly to helping children. All money raised goes directly towards critical treatments, research, equipment and helping families who can't afford care. Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.



0800 - 0900 - Intro

We'll start this off the usual way, just a bunch of friends playing games for a great cause. Join us on the beginning of our wild ride, and help kids in need!

0900 - 1000 - Wheel Of Fortune

Let the hypnotic ticking of the wheel distract you from our inability to solve puzzles and our screams of rage. 

1000 - 1100 - Drawful

Watch as we insult all that is considered "art" with our drawings.

1100 - 1200 - Extra Life & Chill: Steam Randomizer

We peruse Chris' extensive Steam library and play all the games he bought from Humble Bundles but never touched.

1200 - 1300 - Impossible Minecraft Building Contest

Dive into the deranged mind of Jesse as he puts on another impossible Minecraft build-off, testing the skills of our builders.

1300 - 1400 - Crisis on Idiot Earth: Injustice 2 Tournement

The multiverse will explode at our button mashing, scream inducing, Barry Allen and Supergirl killing tournemant event that will put Batman v Superman to shame.

1400 - 1500 - It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Play This!: Retro Gaming

Slip on those rose colored glasses and take a trip down memory lane as we play your favorites from the past.

1500 - 1600 - 1-2-Switch!

We put the new Nintendo Switch through it's paces as we play the absurdity that is 1-2-Switch!

1600 - 1700 - Criminal Masterminds: Payday 2

Four veteran thiefs gear up for the ultimate hiest, armed with disguises, wit and a less than basic understanding of Payday 2's game mechanics. 

1700 - 1800 - Quiplash

In Quiplash, words are the perfect tool and the goal is hilarity.

1800 - 1900 - Extra Life Rock Band Festival 2017

Come on by for the 3rd Annual Extra Life Rock Band Festival, with your favorite line up of bands and an explosive grand finale.

1900 - 2000 - Rock Band By Request

The bands stick around and take your request for your favorite songs*


(*Song requests by donation only)

2000 - 2100 - Million Dollars But...

We ask the hard questions that nobody else does, all thanks to Rooster Teeth's original card game Million Dollars But...!

2100 - 2200 - Beer Pong - MATURE CONTENT

The classic saturday night competion you all remember from when you were completely of drinking age. 

2200 - 2300 - Starwhal: Just The Tip

The intergalactic war rages on, as the Federation of Narwhals battles the Free Alliance of New Narhwalia. May your tooth-horn aim be true!

2300 - 2400 - Wild Card, Kiddo! YEE-HAW! - MATURE CONTENT

 I can't tell you what this secret event is, you know, because of the implication... Tune in to find out.

2400 - 0100 - Mario Kart: Don't Drink & Drive - MATURE CONTENT

Engines are rumbling in the Mushroom Kingdom tonight, just make sure you catch a cab if you need to! Drinking & Driving is a no-no!

0100 - 0200 - Speedrunners

We put Sonic to shame in this fast paced race against time, each other and ourselves in Speedrunners.

0200 - 0300 - #2Spooky Hour - MATURE CONTENT

Close your curtains, lock your doors and turn out the lights, the Spook will soon be upon you... Just try to forget that there is a Spooky Skeleton in all of us...

0300 - 0400 - #3Spooky5Me - MATURE CONTENT

We ramp the Spook up to 11, and trust me... you aren't anywhere close to prepared for this level of Spook. 

0400 - 0500 - Amiibo Fight Club

We break what will most certainly be some kind of a law 50 years from now, as we pit Nintendo A.I. against each other in a battle to the death in Super Smash Bros!

0500 - 0600 - Tee K.O.

Not everyone can be fashion designers! Tee K.O. shows us exactly why.

0600 - 0700 - Chef Boy Are We Tired: Overcooked

Overcooked teaches two important lessons. First, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Secondly, if you can't stand each other, just start yelling at each other until someone asserts dominance.


We wrap this 24-hours up with an event so active and full of energy you'll actually be concerned that we're about to burn up like that one guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know that one guy that stared directly at the Ark and then his face melted? Yeah, like that guy.


Every year we come up with a list of things that we will do once each donation goal has been reached. This year we are changing things up. In addition to our set goals, with every $25 donation made during the stream we will roll a twenty sided die and complete a repeatable goal.



Every 1 rolled will transfer the purple pants to a new owner. It's kind of like It Follows, but less lethal.

2 - Beer Shotgun

Every 2 rolled, a beer get's its wings. 

3 - handyman

With every 3, the roller will have to wear oven mitts while gaming for 30 minutes.

4 - balloon hug

Every 4 rolled, a balloon get's crushed between to bodies

5 - Cut off's

Every 5 rolled, our pants get a little shorter... Even if they are purple...

6 - $6 Donation

For every 6 rolled, we donate $6!

7 - SHoot HER!

Every 7, down the hatch it goes, one ounce of alcohol at a time.

8 - How can she slap?!?

Every 8 answers the age old question via slaps to the face.

9 - karaoke time

Every 9 helps our inner Celine Dion come out.

10 - Saving throw

Our only saving grace, every 10 rolled is a safe zone.

11 - SHawshank friendship

Every 11, two of us become best friends as our dominate hands get cuffed together for 1 hour.

12 -the floor is lava

If you roll a 12, you become Tommy-Lee Jones for 30 mins.

13 -shot roulette

Lucky number 13, test you luck!

14 - shoooot heeeerrr!!

Get it? It's a Jurassic Park reference about shots. This time we do two shots

15 - push ups, brah!

At 15, get them gains and do fifteen push ups.

16 - Break stuff

It's just one of those days, we start breaking stuff.

17 - winterize your pipes

Ice goes down the pants, body parts get chilly. Be careful, I've heard the Ice Age killed the dinosaurs.

18 - Paint a picture

18 release our inner Bob Ross, and we make happy little clouds.

19 - shot ski

19 makes us hit the slopes and do more drinking

20 - super shot

Critical Hit!


$100 - Matt will take his shirt off

As is tradition, Matt take up the shirtless mantle this year.

$101 - Matt will put his shirt back on

As is tradition, no one wants to see that. Have some decency!

$200 - drinking can start

We can't start drinking until we've at least raised some money!

$400 - peanut butter poetry

We read some of the most beautiful pieces of art, with mouths full of peanut butter.

$600 - das boot

We drink from Das Boot. Das a lot of beer.

$800 - baby bird

Sharing is caring, so we make sure every one in the nest gets shots.

$1000 - mile high club

This stupid garbage level will be played for a whole stupid hour by Jesse because he's stupid. (Editors note: I'm still salty from last year.)

$1200 - twerkshop

Friends from Okanagan Pole Dance will come by and teach us how to Twerk, as all those kids are doing it today.

$1400 - condom head

Like those SNL characters, but with condoms instead of cones.

$1600 - mr. miyagi special

Wax on, Wax off. Hair on, Hair off...

$1800 - ivan's ooze

Welcome to our nightmare, Jamie has some call Ooze that she is apparently going to cover someone with. I'm just as confused as you are.

$2000 - dark souls speedrun

OHHHHH BOYYYY, THIS WILL BE SO MUCH FUN (Editors note: Also salty)

$2200 - sex ed with matthew spohr

Matt never got Sex Ed. The fire alarm went off and they never finished it. That's 100% real. Now he'll teach us all what he knows.

$2400 - tbc


$2500 - 4 more hours of streaming

We keep this going for 4 more hours!


Come on by, have fun and helps us raise money for this tremendous cause!


Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.