Joe Dalton

Team Captain RTSTL/BIGBITEMedia Extra Life 2018

Scott Eplett $25.00 • February 17, 2018
BIGBITE.Media $75.00 • February 17, 2018 Shoutout from #TeamBIGBITE!
Anonymous $13.37 • February 17, 2018 Brandon aka Fireheart here. Have a good stream guys!
Dana & Sarah's Mom and Dad $150.00 • February 17, 2018 FOR THE KIDS!
Becky B $15.00 • February 17, 2018 You guys are awrsome!! Give your host a big hug for me!!
Sour Grapes February 17, 2018 Cause how else should you start a fun stream than with a WHEEL SPIN!! Good luck guys, go raise some money for a great cause!

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