Scott Vierck

Team Captain Super Game Boys & Girls Extra Life 2017

Lugo Family $100.00 • December 14, 2017 Go for it guys!
Scott, Amy, & the kids $75.00 • December 2, 2017
JUDI LANDRY November 3, 2017
Scott Vierck $150.00 • October 3, 2017
Scotty, Amy, and the kids $150.00 • August 26, 2017 In honor of QuakeCon this weekend and in support of Hurricane Harvey victims being moved to our local hospitals, we're making a quick loot drop. #forthekids
Barbara Vierck $100.00 • August 26, 2017 Scott I love you. I am so proud of you for staying strong with this charity. Continuing to work so hard for this group. You are awesome.


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