Sean Rooney

Team Captain #Dominicstrong Extra Life 2017


Donations for Sean Rooney

Anonymous donated $75.00 08/13/2017 You are an inspiration! Keep up the amazing work you do!
Charli Anderson donated $100.00 05/22/2017 I came to know your story through my best friend of 15 years, Lora Williams, and it touched me deeply. I'm so, so sorry your little boy had to endure what he did, and so very sorry for the both of you that you lost him. He seems like he was such a bright light. Wishing you and your beautiful little girl nothing but strength and peace in the years to come. <3
Sean Rooney donated $35.00 05/22/2017 This donation represents proceeds from shirts sold to Nathan, Lora and Michael! Thanks so much! #Dominicstrong
Anonymous donated $50.00 03/26/2017 A donation well deserved!
Joshua Easton donated $5.00 03/25/2017 You are an inspiration to so many. Keep fighting!
Paul Derouard donated $35.00 03/22/2017 This is from Paul who I met on the plane today! Thanks!
Battery H donated $25.00 03/12/2017 While I liked being ahead of you in fundraising (for probably minutes), it just didn't feel "right", so this one's for Samantha!
Krumblz donated $10.00 02/26/2017
Marcus Summers donated $15.00 01/21/2017 Second!
Michael Oliver donated $5.00 01/21/2017 FIRST!


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