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Team Captain CrashGem Tabletop Extra Life 2023


Hey! Crash here. My community plays & streams a ton of TTRPGs on Twitch & YouTube and we are reaching out to you about the Extra Life Charity happening in a few weeks. We teamed up last year and my friends and community really enjoyed it.

This year is the 15th anniversary of Extra Life! Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $100 million USD to Change Kids' Health to Change the Future. Right now, children's hospitals need YOUR support.

At CrashGem Tabletop, this will be our 8th year fundraising. Each year we work our butts to the bone running charity Dungeons & Dragons TTRPG games to raise both money & awareness for Extra Life. Together, our team has earned over 30,000 dollars, and this year we are back to raise even more!

This year, we return to our 25-Hour marathon format! Two GMs, each running a group of five brave kobold adventurers, will be delving the same dungeon, racing the meta clock to revive the power of their respective dragon-god for a climatic final dragon kaiju battle!

Donating is simple!

  1. You donate to the campaign; it helps sick kids.
  2. Every dollar you donate is a chance to win fantastic prizes.
  3. Donate $20 or more, and we will send you some cool stuff.
  4. INCENTIVES! When you donate, you can add a message to boost a particular player, all players, or the monsters.
    OR you can choose one of the incentives in the sidebar for a speedy donation and explosion! Or gift...

That's it!

How are donations generated?

You use that donate button! We also have a Facebook donation page. You can also choose to donate via an incentive! Incentives have a big impact on the games and players!

How can you help?

Donate! Any amount can make a difference, but donating 20 or more throughout the fundraiser nets you a fun prize pack of tabletop goodies. Every dollar you donate is another chance to win cool prizes. Top donors automatically unlock special rewards!

 If you can and would like to donate more, please do! Donating is secure, safe, & easy! Plus, your donation is tax-deductible. Click the "Donate" button on this page to get started. 

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts! All donations go to Children's National. You can also share this fundraising page on your social media platforms! Help get the word out!

How do I find out more?

Over the years, our efforts have inspired others to donate over 23,000 dollars to Children's Hospitals in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. This November, we aim to raise even more!

Where Can I Watch?

With so many events throughout the weekend (And Twitch removing hosting), We will have events streaming on several different channels. We will do our best to keep everyone updated on what is streaming, where, and when.

You can join our TEAM!

"I want to do this too!"

Great! Set up an ExtraLife account and join our team! That will allow you to combine your fundraising efforts with ours and unlock CrashGem swag~ Want to get even more involved? Contact me about joining our team and starting your own marathon! All our funding efforts combine into one big total!

To join our team here over here:

2023 Donation Menu 

Got a Favorite Player?

You can donate to Extra Life and in the donation comment, tell us which player or DM you'd like to help out with the donation! Donations make without an incentive chosen or a player listed will be split credit among all players.

Players & DMs 

  • 3 usd: Instant inspiration - roll a d6! and add the result to a d20 roll. This effect can stack. 
  • 3 usd: Cutting Words! - roll a d6! and subtract the result of a d20 roll. This effect can stack. 
  • 15 usd: Locked & Loaded - you gain a crit token. You can spend this token to make any successful hit a critical hit. This is declared after the hit is finalized. 


  • 10usd: Gift from Heaven - Pick a game Red or Blue; An unopened Gachapon appears on the map. Any creature can use an action to open it. If no game is specified, randomly determined. 
  • 15usd: Activate Your Trap Card - Pick a game Red or Blue; every time a PC starts their turn they roll to see if they set off a trap.
  • 25usd: Double Trapped  - You plant a trap in both Red & Blue games 
  • 10usd: Fated Minion - Pick a game Red or Blue; pick a bloodline: A minion follows that bloodline around ready to lay down their life for the cause. If your kobold dies, the attached minion dies instead, and your kobold survives with 1 hp. Attacks, spells, & effects cannot target minions; they are effectively a stackable Death Ward. 
  • 20usd: Detonate a kobold. Choose a kobold, it dies and explodes creating a magical fireball centered on itself. (5d6! True/5d6! force damage - These dice can “explode” infinitely | DC 25 Constitution save for half). Any kobold who nat 1 fails against this fireball or is killed by this fireball also detonates, creating a new fireball effect, potentially chaining through all kobolds. 
  • 30usd: FIREBALL! FIREBALL! - you cause a random kobold PC in Red & Blue to detonate!  .
  • 40usd: Make my Monster GROW! You give the DM a Repulsa Token. This can be used to make any monster go Kaiju. A Kaiju Monster has its STR & CON increased by 15, It gains 200 Temp HP, and its token size becomes (up to) 10x10. 
  • 50usd: Meteor Swarm: Pick a side, Red or Blue. You blow up all the kobolds in that game.

Gashapon Orbs

There are 100 unique Gashapons this year. Both games will have access to their own copy of these. Every 5th Gachapon redeemed will affect all players on a team.

2023 Donor Rewards Pack

Heroic Maps

Storeys: The Pyramid of Shezmu-Khet
A vast desert pyramid with treasure-filled depths, and older secrets. Six gorgeous maps to use piecemeal or to create one massive dungeon. I will be providing the notes from our adventure featuring two of these 6 maps including the VTT scenes and actors! 

Tom Cartos

He’s not just a King of Maps! Tom is contributing both his Chromatic Dragons token pack and his Metallic Dragons token packs! 

Cze Peku Maps

The Celestial Gate animated map pack! This includes animated day and night maps in two formats, non animated versions, and animated scene files for both day and night! Normally a patreon exclusive!

Afternoon Maps

High Definition versions of the beautiful Kobold Den map set! 

Stained Karbon

Two Beautiful maps and one humongous monster token! The mysterious and beautiful jungle temple entrance, the spicy and controversial “Crashed Meteor” map, and a galactic butterfly!

Trash Mob Minis

Not only has Trash Mobs provided the majority of the token art this year, but they are helping spread kobolds across the multiverse! The donor pack will include the Kobold Army Pack PDF for building your own paper minis and a folder full of VTT tokens we used during the event!

CrashGem Tabletop

I’ll also be including my own map creation “Yoshi’s Grotto, a massive 50x80 dungeon crawl, including the adventure notes and FVTT files that go with it. This is a layered map similar to the ones used in Pathfinder VTT products.


Overall we are looking at a 75+usd value here! Donate 20usd or more and unlock it for yourself or a friend!

Giveaway Stuff

Every Year we give away prizes both on stream and after the event is over. We call the post game giveaway the Donor Raffle. Every donor you donate is 1 ticket in the Donor Raffle! Some of the prizes that will be available this year during the stream and in the Raffle are:

The Forge VTT

1 year of Worldbuilder Tier subscription - a 140usd value!

4x 25usd gift cards to the Forge VT Bazaar

Trash Mobs Minis

5x of each: Turtle Tyrants: Army Pack

5x of each: Hobgoblins: Army Pack

5x of each: Fiends & Foes: Theme Pack 1

Daniel Khan

1x Source Book PDF: A Gourmand's Guide to Gastromancy

Drivethrough RPG

2x 25usd Gift Cards

Kobold Press:

3x Source Book PDF: Deep Magic 5e

3x Source Book PDF: Tomb of Heroes 5e

6x Adventure Guide PDF: Rise of the Mimic Moon

And more!