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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Extra Life 2023

I've pledged to play games and raise funds for kids at my local children's hospital.

How it works

For 24 Hours on January 14th, starting at 12 PM CST, my friends and I will be playing games and streaming over on Twitch. We're streaming to raise money for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago. Donations through this page stay at my local children's hospital.

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them. Simply click the "Donate" button at the top of this page to help. 


Last year, we easily cleared our goal, so this year, we're DOUBLING it. That's right, our goal this year is $1,000. To make things even more special, a few of us will be eating the next level of Hot Ones' Wings of Death for every $100 donated!

To kick things up another notch, we'll be giving me, Kevin, frosted tip in my hair AND beard after we break our $1,000 goal!


Because you guys smashed our original goal last year, we've decided to throw in some bonus Stretch Goals for future streams and games!

  • $1.5K: Stuck in a Survival game for 24 hours

    • The exact game will be determined at a later point

  • $2.0K: Minecraft Labyrinth 2.0

    • Before I started streaming, I built a giant Labyrinth puzzle for my friends to solve. It was hilarious. Now, I want to do it again, but bigger and better.


Last year, we started rewarding you for donating by making us "suffer" with some fun and whacky activities! It's all in good fun, and helps the kids! We do it for the kids!

Always Active donation rewards:

  • $5 - A Cast Member eats a random Beanboozled Jelly Bean
  • $10 - Name Written on Kevin's Body (PG locations and names only)
  • $20 - Dance Party!
  • $25 - Someone spins the Wrecking Wheel
  • $50 - Blue Shell! Given to the person who last spun the Wrecking Wheel. Throw at someone to redirect any Funishment 
  • $75 - Pie Time! (Whipped cream)
  • $100 - Master of Fate: YOU pick the outcome of the Wrecking Wheel
  • $200 - Hot Ones Double Down! Extra "spoonful" of the current Wings of Death level

The Wrecking Wheel:

New this year, we're introducing The Wrecking Wheel. Every time $25 is donated, someone will spin a wheel that has 4 different categories of challenges that will be pulled at random out of a bag. Here are some fun examples:

  • EAT a sardine flavored candy cane
  • DRINK a shot of Ranch flavored soda pop
  • DO a physical challenge such as allowing someone to slap you with a tortilla
  • CURSE yourself but not being able to swear for the next 30 minutes

The punishment for failing or refusing a task? We have a Truth or Dab card game for that!

Game specific rewards:

During some games, different rewards will be available that will affect the game itself! Here's an example of some rewards for a game like Mario Kart:

  • $20 = A random cast member must stop their kart for 5 full seconds
  • $25 = PICK a cast member to stop their kart for 5 full seconds (name in donation message)
  • $30 = A random cast member is blind folded for 30 full seconds
  • $35 = PICK a cast member to be blind folded for 30 full seconds (name in donation message) 

The Games

We will be playing a variety of games with no set schedule. Some games you can look forward to possibly seeing are:

and more!