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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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STANDARD NERDS Extra Life 2022


❤️Please click the "Support This Participant" button on this page to donate. I'll be offering perks this year as well! ❤️

❤️ Hey Friends ❤️

Roughly 21 million Americans hold $46 billion of medical debt, making it at least partially responsible for 66% of bankruptcy in the states. I dearly hope you've never had to make the decision between your own health (or the health of your family) and your financial survival, but this is startlingly common in America.

The Children's Miracle Network Hospital nearby where I used to live (back in Minnesota) treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay, so that families can focus on their child's health and safety, rather than how they're going to take on the tremendous financial strain it could trigger.

Extra Life is a fundraising program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. Donations go to member children’s hospitals to fund critical life-saving treatments and healthcare services, along with innovative research, vital pediatric medical equipment, and child life services.

Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $100 million USD to Change Kids' Health to Change the Future. My team, STANDARD NERDS (who graciously invited me to join them last minute in 2014, and officially in 2015), has raised over $18,000 for Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare since 2013. And as of writing this, I've raised over $4,000 thanks to support from people like you.

Your donation is tax-deductible and EVERY PENNY OF OUR PROCEEDS will go to helping kids. The money we raise together will go directly to Gilette Children’s Hospital as ‘unrestricted funds’ (the hospital decides where and how to spend the money to ensure the dollars we raise make the biggest impact in the lives of the kids they treat). 

Thank you so much for supporting my efforts.

Pumpkins and Penguins,


❤️2022 PERKS❤️:

  • $any - WHY THANK YOU! // I will give you a genuine, honest, specific compliment. And you get the warm fuzzy feeling of having done a great thing for a great cause.
  • $5+ - ONE ART PLEASE // A quick graphite or monochromatic digital drawing, just for you! I get to choose the subject matter at this level, but it'll probably be cute!
  • $5+ - TUKKI AND CEDAR VIDEO // What's the point of having kittens if you can't use them to raise money for charity? I'll take a pic or video of Tukki and/or Cedar letting them know that you've donated. I'll do the voices and everything.
  • $5+ - LET’S PLAY // Let’s play a game together! One round of battleship, yahtzee, or whatever other game we can find. It doesn't have to be on game day, but it can be!
  • $20+ - ONE COMMISSION, PLEASE // I will make you a custom piece of art. I will commit to spending one minute per dollar donated for up to 5 hours (that's $300 if you don't have your calculator on you. You can donate more, I just can't guarantee it won't be done by then!)
  • $25 - LET ME TEACH YOU // I'll give you a music or art lesson of your choice. I can teach voice, music theory/composition, beginning guitar/ukulele/piano, drawing, painting, or art theory. Let me know if there's something else you have in mind!
  • $?? - CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! // Have you thought of a perk that you can't find on this list? Name your price and let's see what we can do!


Most perks will be fulfilled the day of Extra Life, depending on difficulty. All perks will be fulfilled by December 1st. If they haven't been, bug me, because I've absolutely forgotten.

But Seriously.

These kids really could use your help. A lot of people who have visited this page live in countries that offer free medical care, and I don't think a lot of us could imagine what it would be like to have to choose between our family's health or being able to eat well. It's my sincere hope that you'll find it in your heart to support my efforts with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to the Gillette Children's Hospital. I need your help to reach my goal for the kids.  Please make a safe, easy donation online today.  Click the "Support This Participant" button on this page to get started.

And hey.