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Extra Life 2022


The autumn months of 2022 are here and that mean's it's Extra Life season! For one whole decade, yep 10 years, Gatorbox has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Extra Life charity. We've raised over $6,500 for our chosen hospital: Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. 100% of the proceeds we raise through Extra Life will go to Driscoll so they may continue to help children in need!

Last year's marathon was our biggest one yet with $2,603 raised propelling Gatorbox to among the top fundraisers globally for Extra Life 2021. We were even ranked #1 for Driscoll! Seeing as how this year is our tenth marathon we hope to smash last year's record and raise even more!

We invite you to sponsor us during this 2-day event and to tune in at to watch the marathon as it happens! (November 5th & 6th, 10AM-10PM Central.)


For the past 10 years we've been raising money for Driscoll Children's Hospital exclusively and in that time we've raised over $6,500 through our marathon. We chose this hospital for one very simple reason: in 2004 they literally saved my brother's life. Due to complications with advanced appendicitis he needed immediate surgery. With the care and attention given to my brother by the staff at Driscoll he was able to pull through with a full recovery.

My brother went on to pursue a media degree from Texas A&M University and graduated with magna cum laude honors. He has also been a lifelong fan of motorsports and monster trucks and is currently the driver of both the El Oso Loco and Outlaw trucks for Monster Truck Wars! He tours around Texas and the wider United States putting on shows for packed crowds. He's also worked pit crew for world famous trucks such as Maximum Destruction and even drove the 1980's classic truck Thunder Chicken in the Monster Jam World Finals parade in Las Vegas!

His dream would have been left unfulfilled had he not been taken care of at Driscoll. Being able to see my brother behind the wheel at his first ever show was a life changer and put this all into perspective. This was all possible because of Driscoll and these marathons are my way of using my unique talents to repay them for saving his life. It is my hope that by "being good at Mario" we can help Driscoll do for another family what they were able to do for mine.


Every year for Extra Life we participate in their "Game Day" celebration. Our method of participation is a 24-hour marathon of video game speedruns, split into two 12-hour blocks across Game Day weekend. To date over 75 unique games have been beaten across all of our events and over 100 additional games have been featured as "challenges". How many more will be conquered this year? Donate, tune in, and find out!

To incentivize donation we're going to be bringing back our popular "Game Challenges". For every multiple of $100 that we collectively raise I'll pick a random 15-minute challenge from the Challenge Box. These objectives have been written by members of the Gatorbox community and many of them exist purely to torment me. Last year we featured over 50 challenges so they've been a successful draw in making our marathons bigger each year.


Clicking the link below will take you to our 2022 schedule and automatically adjusts for your time zone:

As a special nod to this being our tenth marathon this year's schedule is comprised entirely of games that we've showcased in years gone by. Think of it as a sort of "best of" compilation featuring some old favorites as well as some deep cuts. Keep in mind that due to the nature of speedrunning these times are NOT exact! Games might shift on the schedule a few minutes in either direction but we will do our best to keep the show going as planned through the use of intermissions and game challenges.

2013 - 2021 VIDEOS

Not sure what to expect? Don't know what a "speedrun" is? Not a problem! All of our previous Extra Life marathons are available on demand on YouTube! Here is the highlight reel from 2021 along with links to full playlists of all previous years:


Thank you for visiting our fundraising page and we hope you enjoy the marathon! We are always striving to make every Extra Life marathon bigger and better than the one before. Because of your generosity we have received Extra Life's coveted silver and gold fundraising medals. We currently have our sights on the new $10,000 total lifetime achievement award! If we don't get there this year we'll aim again next year, but let's rock the donation box and smash it for our big 10th anniversary!

We understand that not everyone may be able to support the event financially and that's okay too because you can still contribute to the cause and help out in big ways! Tell your friends about the marathon, share a link in your favorite Discord server! You can also help by simply hanging out and enjoying the show; subscribing to our YouTube and Twitch channels is easy and we've made it a tradition to donate all of the ad revenue generated from our Extra Life videos from previous shows to kick off the donation pot each subsequent year.


- Draco & The Gatorbox Crew