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            MY EIGHTH YEAR!!

My name is Dave Chobanoff, for the past 8 years I have been a participant / fundraiser for Penn State Health Children’s Hospital through Children’s Miracle Network, and Extra Life. Within those years, I have raised over $10,000 during my time with Extra Life. 

Every year I strive for more and more and raise my fundraising efforts another step. This year is no different, last year I helped raise over $3,600!! as amazing that is, I want more for the kids at CMN Hershey! This year, $4,000 is my goal! Please help me , help the kids! Change Kids Health, Change The Future, truer words have never been stated.

 This past April, my wife and I had the honor and privilege to be chosen by CMN Hershey to represent them at #extralifeunited2022, during this trip, it was so moving and life changing, and seeing the magnitude of what CMN does on a grand scale, makes me want to do more! So I want all my peeps to be part of it! lets make 2022 Extra Life HUGE! 

Children’s Miracle Network has raised more than $83 million for Children’s Hospital. In 2020 CMH Hershey earned three awards – highest fundraising, highest fundraising per capita and highest percentage of increase for medium-sized CMN Hospitals. Penn State treats 100,000+ kids every year, they have the highest level for Neonatal, and pediatric intensive care units. They need $4m+ from CMN to help save kids’ lives.

AGAIN, this year I have a sponsor/partnership WITH Just Press Play (a Locally Owned & Operated, we have been serving Lancaster County since 2006. THEY pride Themselves on better service, prices, trade values and quality.) has agreed to advertise for me, and if you donate at min. $10 during my event you can get 10% ($10 max.) off pre-played item with proof of donation. 

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