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Carla "snarkqueen" Yarbrough

Standing Stone Games Extra Life 2022


09/28/22: 13% done, 87% to go!

Welcome to my donation page!
To see what I do year-round, please visit my Patreon or Gamer Reverie blog.

What is Extra Life? It's gamers doing what they love best in order to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada. (Don't fret -- if you aren't in the States, my chosen Hospital treats International children in need!) The charity effort lasts all year long, with a 24-hour marathon taking place each year. This year's marathon day is Saturday, November 5th.

Marathon Day

The plan is similar to last year!

October 10th:  

Saturday, October __: 

6-hour mini marathon

Saturday, November 5th - Marathon Day:

12-hour marathon, 8 AM to 8 PM Central

Saturday, December __:

6-hour mini marathon

Team: Standing Stone Games

I've once again joined SSG, the awesome folks behind The Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online! They haven't said anything yet about incentives, but you can bet they'll have something! As in previous years, donations to my page should count towards receiving the SSG incentives -- so you can double down on rewards!


$10: Social Media Shout-Out

I will periodically post on all of my social media and thank donors in batches as needed! You'll be internet famous for helping me to be a hero for the kids!

$25: Tick-Tock

Every donation for this amount adds 10 minutes to my Extra Life gaming time this year! (Cap is 5 additional hours.)

$50: Urban Jungle

I'll sketch a random Zootopia resident in my own art style for you!

$100: Remy's Recipes

Got a favorite food? (Bonus points if it's from a Disney movie!) I'll design a printable recipe card for you for that food!

$250: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!

Choose some of your favorite Disney songs for me to play in Melody's Escape. I'll record a video just for you!

$500: When You wish Upon a Star

For this amount, you've nominated me to be a one-woman performance just for you! I will lead a video sing-along of Disney songs -- at least 10 of them! When completed, you'll receive a video link via email.

Social Media Goals

Emojis & downloadable rewards will be available for free download by everyone (not just donors!) in my Discord server, in the #community-treasure channel. If you don't see it, it isn't available yet!


8/27/22: 52 members! Can we reach 75 this year?

DONE! 50 members = Snow White dwarf emojis
75 members = Wreck-It Ralph 8bit candy emojis


8/27/22: 293 followers --- 7 to go!

DONE! 275 followers = Pinocchio; Blue Fairy downloadable bookmark
300 followers = Bambi; Flower downloadable bookmark
350 followers = Dumbo; Magic feather downloadable bookmark
400 followers = Cinderella; Gus & teacup downloadable bookmark + tea giveaway


8/27/22: 61 followers --- 14 to go!

75 followers = 101 Dalmatians; Black & white merch on Spring
100 followers = Onward; Trash unicorn stickers on Spring
150 followers = Brother Bear; Wilderness merch on Spring
200 followers = Unlocks Spring discount for donors!


8/27/22: 139 followers


Easter Egg

[Insert progress bar here. It's a secret!]


Favorite Flicks

Every $100, I'll draw the name of an animated movie title from a hat. I'll give a shout-out to a creator who loves the movie, and reward the community and/or current donors with something themed after that movie. Includes a variety of possibilities from recipe cards to CDs to artwork and more! The titles will be listed here as they're drawn.

$100 = The Lion King -- Giveaway of 2 copies of the Legacy Soundtrack on Twitter. (Winners)

$200 = Fantasia -- Giveaway Philharmagic Mickey FunkoPop on Twitter. (Winner)

$300 = Mulan -- Giveaway of "Dishonor" TeeTurtle shirt on Twitter. (Winner)

$400 = Lilo & Stitch -- Giveaway of 100 vinyl Stitch stickers on Twitter. (Giveaway)

$95 until next drawing!

Magical Milestones

At $1k, $2k, and $3k, there will be special rewards for donors, local animals, and endangered wildlife:

$1000: The Sword and the Stone

Raffle of FunkoPop Merlin & Archimedes for donors.

$2000: Oliver & Company

Donation made to Humane Society of MS.

$3000: The Little Mermaid

Donation & adoption of endangered sea creature through World Wildlife Fund, as voted on by community. Update: We'll be adopting a Leopard Shark!

Stretch Goals

$3500: Peter Pan

Pirate & Mermaid merch on Spring!

$4000: Raya and the Last Dragon

Raffle of FunkoPop Sisu for donors.

$4500: Coco

5 top donors get alebrije sketches.

$5000: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Extra Life Christmas bell ornaments (made by me!) for 12 donors.


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Last updated on September 28th, 2022.