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Wow. What a ride it's been! One day you're googling "Murder Hornets" and the next day it's "did NASA really confirm aliens exist?" Heck, I've even had to start googling things like "Covid hairstyle solutions," "secret hairline regrowth formulas," and "hats with hair glued around the inside edges to make it look like real hair."

Of course I jest. Sure we've had a pretty rocky year, 2020 and I, but there's been a few positives. For one, I finally found time to try and learn the guitar. It didn't last too long, but I tried it, and that's a win for me. I also started running more, drawing, and learning a number of languages I'll likely never have any reason to speak. All of which are going about as well as my secret hair regrowth formula, but you know what - you win some, you lose some. Pun intended.

The one thing, though, that I truly have to thank Covid for is the government-mandated isolation. As an introvert, I was thrilled. "This is perfect," I thought, spinning closed the blinds to the outside world, "there's never been a better time than now to truly spend some quality time with the ones that I love." And with that, I turned on the Xbox and forgot completely about all that boring sentimental stuff.

To be honest, I'm still just as bad at Video Games as I was before the Rona. Probably even worse, somehow. Where once sat a legitimate top contender for West Lethbridge's Pro-Am Gaming Circuit - Heritage Division - now sits a tired old man, complaining about a lack of realism in his fantasy hockey GM Simulator. I don't even know what a Fortnite is or how to buy one. The best I can do is download a Warzone for 12 hours and still not understand what a Loadout is or how to be one.

But what I lack in ability, I make up for in gumption! And this year, I'm putting all that gumption to good use. Thanks to Covid, I've got 10 months of practice under my belt, and now I'm ready to hit the Circuit once more! On November 7, 2020, my colleagues at Keen Creative and I are putting our best controllers forward to compete in the annual Extra Life 24-hour video game marathon on behalf of the Stollery Children's hospital here in Edmonton. We're gathering with teams from around the world to celebrate, fundraise, and bring awareness to not only the Stollery, but to charities and children's hospitals from every dang darn country imaginable.

For more information, or if you'd like to donate, please visit the link below. Or, if you'd like to build a team yourself and champion your own local hospital - you can do that too! Every donation, every share, and every team helps raise awareness for these organizations and the important work that they do every year. So thanks for reading, thanks for donating if you can, and I'll see you — In the lobby!

Your friend,

Leo A. "@Largeskull" Broadhead