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Unconventional and responsible online casino

No matter how many online casinos have been created, but Casino classic is invariably at the top of all possible rankings on free sites. Casino classic - excellent reputation, responsible approach, as well as interesting content, which includes more than a hundred slots. Online casino cooperates with classic and modern manufacturers, so the client will have plenty to choose from. The online casino has a constant technical support, and it does not just solve any question, but is able to tell about the structure, show how to properly submit a request to the support service. Casino classic - prize rewards, individual gifts, as well as interesting offers. In Casino classic need to create a profile, to be able to play for real money. Online casino is the guarantor of a high level of performance, so video slots are selected with a considerable percentage of returns. In Casino classic for the Canadian audience there is no need to convert, as payment transactions are made in local currency.

How to open the paid mode in online casino slots

The online casino provides a huge list of benefits, but to use them, you need to create a profile. A user needs to fill out a registration form, and enter there such personal information: contact phone number or e-mail, come up with a password, as well as choose the type of currencies for payment transactions. In the questionnaire should check that the user accepts the terms and conditions of the casino. The easiest way to register - authorization through social networks, when you are invited to bind your account to them. The user goes to a special link, and then he does not need to make up a password. The administration carefully monitors new profiles, and in case of doubt, requires a scan of personal documents to confirm the validity of the specified information. Registration at Casino classic is a chance to start playing for real money, take part in tournaments, and take advantage of great personalized offers.

Online casino is a mobile app that meets all the needs of the modern client

Despite the fact that the standard online casino is very popular, visitors are increasingly preferring the mobile application, where you can get the same set of special features, play your favorite slots, as well as participate in tournaments. The mobile application is downloaded through the electronic store, but the player does not have to look for it himself, as a special link for the transition is indicated on the main page.

Original fruit video slot for everyone

The genre of fruit games is incredibly popular on the casino classic website. However, not all fruit slots have to be classic. Among popular entertainment on fruit theme was the video slot from the company Igrosoft.

In Fruit Cocktail play online users can play without restriction, which means that a fun adventure by the pool in the company of juicy gifts of nature is just beginning!

What is the visual appeal of the slot machine?

Here's a point to keep in mind: the fruit cocktail machine was introduced more than a decade ago. Therefore, when reviewing its visual characteristics must necessarily make a discount on the age of the slot. Nevertheless, the game's graphics are still considered incredibly juicy and summery. A saturated blue color was chosen as the base in the background. It contrasts perfectly with the lighter control panel and adds to the game its atmosphere. Besides, the idea is that all the action develops near the pool, which means that the blue background is perfect. As for the field for playing spins, it has a 5-reel format and offers users to play on nine active lines. In this case, the lines are not fixed and their number can be changed depending on opportunities and preferences.

Interesting bonus feature in Fruit Cocktail slot

Automated by Igrosoft implies a variety of additions bonus type. These can safely include wild, whose task is to complement the prize chain as appropriate and to make a single spin more productive. As for the other bonuses, they will manifest themselves as a bonus level and the risk game. The bonus level is held in the manner of mini-spins, but the risk game will be held by the rules of the classic card draw. If the participant is lucky, he will get a double prize for the last spin.