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Building on the success of the Summer Bash, 2020, the Winter Games 2020, the Spring Summit 2021 and the Summer Bash 2021, Game Gym is pleased to announce The DMV’s Winter Games 2021, the next jewel in our “Triple Crown,” a year-round slate of three online charity events, all benefiting Children’s National Hospital. The Triple Crown is comprised of the Spring Summit, the Summer Bash, and the Winter Games.

We have many partners to support the event, outstanding education and entertainment content, thrilling competitions, and lots of prizes! The Winter Games is an online celebration of esports for kids, parents, and gamers of all ages, and will include the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference (MAEC) championships for Overwatch and Rocket League. The Winter Games will feature educational and entertainment panels and competitions throughout the weekend.

The four 2020-2021 Triple Crown Events raised more than $27,000.00 for the Children’s National Hospital. Our goal is to continue to support Children’s National, while bringing awareness to the esports opportunities here in the DMV. And, from this point forward, all money raised for Children’s National will be used to fund research using video games to assist in rehabilitation programs for children.

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