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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Team Captain NOTS/Mikecast Alliance Extra Life 2021

NOTS Extra Life 2021

Nerd on the Street is back for Extra Life 2021! Join Jacob, Michael, and various guests as they stream 24 hours of content For The Kids.

When and where?

  • Start time: Friday, 26 November 2021, 7pm MST
  • Tune in at!

What's on the schedule?

A variety of fun games, including:

  • Bullets Per Minute, a first-person shooter with a beat.
  • Portal Reloaded, a set of 25 new puzzles for the classic Valve game.
  • Breaking new ground with IRL board games!

And of course, we'll have several "wheel spin" items to show between games when we hit certain fundraising milestones.

Why are you streaming?

We're streaming to support the St. Louis Children's Hospital, which treats over 250,000 children every year! In addition to the conditions they've been fighting for years, such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries, this year the COVID-19 illness has made the work they're doing even more important.

All donations go directly to the hospital as "unrestricted funds" so they can be used where they're needed. Donations are tax-deductible. Click the green "Donate" button at the top of the page to make a contribution!

Past Stats

  • 2015: 5 gamers, 1 tech, $230 raised.
  • 2016: 6 gamers, 2 techs, $675 raised.
  • 2017: 5 gamers, 3 techs, $800 raised.
  • 2018: 8 gamers, 2 techs, $1,660 raised.
  • 2019
    • NOTS Prime: 11 gamers, 3 techs, $2,385 raised.
    • NOTS Team: 2 groups, $3,998 raised.
  • 2020
    • NOTS Prime: 0 gamers, 1 tech, $1,009 raised.
    • NOTS Team: 2 groups, $3,329 raised.