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Dungeons & Dragons Wizards of the Coast Extra Life 2021



Dungeons & Donations is back! This year is a somewhat abridged event—we're only streaming 12 hours, and instead of a tabletop game of D&D, we're playing a classic D&D computer game: Eye of the Beholder. Check out full details at

How it works

From 12pm (ET) December 18th to midnight, December 19th, we'll be running a 12-hour live Twitch stream of heroes trekking through the classic D&D computer game Eye of the Beholder

We'll mostly be chatting and interacting with viewers, but may occasionally accept donation challenges from the chat!

You're encouraged to join us to encourage or (amiably) heckle us as we stumble our way through the catacombs beneath Waterdeep!

Can I submit a fun request/challenge with my donation?

Sure! We can't promise to do it, but if it's something we can do without too much trouble, we'll try! We definitely will be making shout outs to all our donors though, so if it's just a quick message, we're happy to do it.

Don't you normally play tabletop D&D?

That's true! Most of our past events were held in-person at The Wyvern's Tale, and allowed people to donate to sign up to play, and last year we played remotely with different players rotating out. And we hope to one day again run an in-person event. But this year, with two years of pandemic uncertainty, we were unable to organize a viable 24-hour event with so many people.

So we're doing this to at least raise some money and remind people that we're still around. With any luck, 2022 will see a return to form for Dungeons and Donations!

The story so far

The ruthless Beholder known as Xanathar has kidnapped children from throughout Waterdeep and trapped them in his underground layer beneath the city. The masked Lords of Waterdeep have recruited a small contingent of heroes to venture beneath the city and end his heinous scheme! For Waterdeep! For glory! For the children!