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I've pledged to play games and raise funds for kids at Boston Children's Hospital all February long.

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  • Boston Children's Hospital, to no one's surprise, does amazing things, but for me - it's also personal.  WHY?  Sit down y'all, it's story time.  When a member of my family was born in July, months before their September due date, there was a lot of fear - especially when we learned they would have to go to Boston Children's Hospital.  (If you're not from New England, Boston hospitals are the BEST hospitals, but they also tend to mean things are rough because you need to make sure you get the absolute BEST care.)  I remember telling their parent exactly that.  "It's okay Boston is the best care.  They'll be alright."  And they were.  There was nothing like being in the NICU at BCH.  While scary to see sick babies, there was also an amazing care team supporting them.  My family member received the care they needed, and came home in time to attend their own baby shower.  (Yes, that child is a BADASS.  I agree.)

    Story time isn't done yet...When I was a teen struggling with severe depression and self harm, my parents brought me to Boston Children's Hospital to see a therapist.  While I was, to NONE of your surprise, a rebel child who refused to discuss things with her therapist - I was also welcomed into a group therapy session.  It was the first time in dealing with my depression that I saw people my age dealing with the same and worse struggles than me.  I wasn't alone.  While there is no magical cure for my depression, I was genuinely excited to go to that group every week - and for a kid struggling to exist, that meant a hell of a lot.

    Donating today helps Boston Children's Hospital do this, and more, for each family that walks through their doors.  BCH is more than the NICU and mental health care.  BCH provides housing for families who travel far to be seen at the hospital, doctors help set up care at home and make house calls, they are building a state of the art center that is autism and sensory friendly, and far far more.  YOU can help them do these things and more.  You can make an impact and help children get the best care.  Donate today.

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  • Now, more than ever, Boston Children's Hospital needs our help.

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