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Donations stay local to fund critical treatments, healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care.

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Extra Life 2021

Qapla', suvwi'pu'!

Once again, I embark upon the great battlefield that is Extra Life to help little warriors get well so they can fight another day! As the pandemic has continued and more families have had financial issues, the mission of Childrens Miracle Network continues to be one of huge importance to the communities they are in.


Learn how local children's hospitals are being impacted by COVID-19 at

How to achieve glory & honor in battle

  • Extra Life is a gaming fundraiser supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. I pledge to play games (& do a lot of other weird stuff) for 24 hours in honor of the kids who fight a lot scarier stuff than a few demons or monsters in a game. This is real life for them and their battles are far more costly.

  • I'm joining thousands of gamers dedicating a day to play games for these kids. I game for my niece, who is a fierce SuvwI'Hom, and all of my friends & family who have had kids! 

  • 100% of the donations that get made to this page go to directly to the hospital's unrestricted fund so they can use it the way that it's most needed. Hit that Donate button at the top of the page!

Your donation is tax-deductible and will make miracles happen for families who desperately need them.

Raise money - hit goals - silly things happen!

$470 = Klingon Gamer Girl! UNLOCKED! I'll be gaming in my ridges on October 23rd and stay in them until midnight!

$800 = you get to vote on the cheesy costume I'll wear on my stream like a bad holodeck episode! UNLOCKED! I'll send out a survey in September to pick my costume!$1100 = You vote, I translate! UNLOCKED! This year's song options are very special. All songs will be part of Unwoman's catalog of covers! AND!! Hitting this goal ahead of the my Extra Life event has unlocked additional song translation goals!$1500 = You will get to vote on a second song from the Unwoman covers catalog for me to translate and perform!

$1800 = Livestream concert where I'll perform the new song chosen by donors as well as all the old favorites!

$2100 = Jackbox Party Pack extravaganza! Join my Discord Server and up to 8 people can play at once and anyone can join online to cause more mayhem! If we have more than 8, we'll rotate around. 

$2500 = You can vote on a 3rd song from the Unwoman catalog of covers for me to translate & perform!

$3000 = I have been a chip connoisseur for most of my life. It's rare I meet one I don't like. I found a website that will ship me chips from around the world - Thailand, Ukraine, Japan, Turkey and more... so I have ordered somewhere around 30 different chip flavors. Flavors include (but are not limited to) Cucumber, Honey Chili, Paprika, Salted Egg, Teriyaki, Oolong Milk Tea, Lemon, Pizzerolas, Ume Plum, and Cream of Mushroom across known and unknown brands - Lays, Cheetos, Pringles, Doritos, Sun Chips and even Ritz Crackers... We're going to dive into the wonderful world of overseas snack chip flavors and hope that I didn't order something with chicken or beef powder in it! From spicy to unusual, help me stamp my tastebuds' passports!  I could not be more excited. 

$3500 = You can vote on a 4th song for me to translate from the Unwoman catalog of covers! Also, all donors will receive recordings of every single "UnWarrior" cover as a special edition EP!

Are you ready to help me achieve glory & honor for the empire?

hit the donate button up top and let's shake the halls of stovokor with our greatness!