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Hello again, everybody.  Elly aka TheLostSkeleton here, with an exciting milestone: 2021 marks my tenth year fundraising for Extra Life, and your continued support is humbling, exciting, and has been and is making a difference for the patients of the Stollery Children's Hospital.  

 This amazing facility serves kids not only here in Edmonton, but from across the country - 39% of the Stollery's 317,461 patients served over the 2019-2020 calendar year were from outside Alberta.  All kids in Western Canada who are in need of cardiac surgery are referred to the Stollery, it's a leading hospital for organ transplants, and it provides top-notch neonatal intensive care.  In 2016, donations like yours helped the Stollery make a much-needed upgrade to its operating theater, and the Stollery Foundation has newly embarked on a five-year fundraising push to bring integrated, clinical mental health services to its emergency department.  This will include an on-site, walk-in 24/7 mental health clinic at the Stollery's ER, a specialized team of psychiatrists, nurses, and social workers to work alongside emergency physicians, and dedicated support for patients and their families in the wake of a suicide attempt. This year, the Stollery also announced they have begun assessing the possibility of building a new, larger, dedicated children's hospital.  Currently, the Stollery shares a building with the University of Alberta Hospital.

The Stollery shares more with the the U of A than a building - they also share a budget. Private donations like the ones made through Extra Life are what makes it possible for the Stollery to provide the full scope and quality of care that it does.  And, as always, 100% of donations made through Extra Life go directly to the Stollery.  Extra Life donations are also classified as "unrestricted funds", which means that these donations come with no strings attached, and the hospital is free to spend that money wherever they see the greatest priorities and need.  

Once again, Extra Life Edmonton was unable to hold our year-round fundraising events due to essential public health measures.  Convention booths, game nights at cafes and hobby shops, and other events are all off the table in 2021 just as they were in 2020.  Our fundraising this year relies entirely on online support from donors like you.

I know it's been another hard year for a lot of us, myself included.  But we have the power to help make future years better for the kids who depend on the Stollery for care, and that's what I intend to do.  As always, the penultimate fundraising event for Extra Life is the 24-hour Game Day Marathon that takes place the first weekend in November - that's Nov. 6 this year.  But without your support, I'm just a person getting very tired by gaming for a very long time. :)

There are a few different ways you can support my fundraising efforts: by donating, playing and chatting with me on Game Day, and sharing this post to help spread the word!  Remember, 100% of your donations made through my Extra Life page will go directly to the Stollery - so every dollar does, genuinely, count.

If you have any questions about Extra Life, the Stollery, what I'm playing these days, or anything else that strikes your fancy, just ask!  If I can't answer your question, I can connect you with someone who can.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

- Elly 

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